5 Home Improvement Projects For This Weekend

by Dave Logan


At last, the weekend is here. What better way to spend your time this weekend than knocking out some fast, inexpensive home improvement projects? These are small projects with big home improvement power!

Slap some new paint on the wall. Few home improvement projects create such dramatic results as fast and inexpensive as painting, especially if you do the work yourself! For the weekend, you will want to focus on walls that don’t have signifcant damage or demand any repairs. You should be able to easily knock out at least two average sized rooms, and let’s face it: you’re ready for some new colors anyway!

Install a new vanity. The bathroom is typically a smaller space with projects ranging from very serious to easy weekenders. Replacing your current vanity and faucet with a new, updated version requires some basic carpentry and plumbing skills. But even a beginner can knock this one out over the weekend! To be sure, pick a new vanity that’s the same size as your old one. This way you keep the work nice and easy while giving your bathroom a much-needed facelift.

Install a kitchen backsplash. Whether it’s paint, ceramic tile, tin, wood, or even cork, a new backslplash can add tons of life to your kitchen space. Read this post for more details. Once you pick your favorite option, you can get this one knocked out easily over the weekend.

Replace your cabinet hardware. This really makes a big difference in your kitchen, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms. I love this idea because it only takes a few hours of easy work and has such a dramatic effect on the applicable rooms.

Get new lighting. How about adding some new undercabinet lighting in your kitchen? Or installing a dimmer in the entertainment room or master bedroom? Maybe some pendant lights over your kitchen island? Whatever fits your style, updating your lighting can add lots of character to any room and can be done easily over a weekend.

The best advice is to make your plan and pick up your materials and supplies on Friday so you have the whole weekend to knock out your project. Afterall, Monday will be here sooner than you want…

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