Why become a Trusted Company

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We partner with businesses backed by integrity.

We understand the dedication that it’s taken to build your business on these values and that it can be difficult to cut through the online clutter of Google reviews and search results.

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We deliver only the best to our community network.

Customers know when they turn to Team Dave Logan members they can expect quality, vetted pros. When you join Team Dave Logan, you partner with Dave Logan’s community recognition and a network of companies that Coloradans can turn to.

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We don’t just list companies, we become partners.

We keep your best interest in mind when assessing what companies are right for our team. We work with you to enhance your reputation and leverage your online reviews as you build business coupled with our brand of trust and integrity.

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We help you stand out from the competition.

With Team Dave Logan, you know that it’s your business practices and project quality that rank you, not your wallet. Team Dave Logan stands out in an industry that is often dictated by the lowest bid and pay for play access to directory listings.

We know that your business is built on trust, integrity and dependability.

Let us help ensure that your customers, family, friends and community know it, too.

The Team Dave Logan Advantage

When you join our Team, you join the ranks of businesses in Colorado dedicated to providing the best service, backed by integrity and quality.

Our companies provide home products and services, automotive needs, legal representation, mortgages, insurance, business to business services and more. Our across-the-board directory attracts customers for everything you do so you receive quality leads on ideal jobs.

Team membership also comes with a variety of exclusive advertising and promotional offers, as well as the opportunity to develop yourself and your business through our professional resources and networking events.

With Team Dave Logan, companies tap into a range of resources that help them grow their businesses through reputation enhancement, digital and social presence options, access to exclusive advertising opportunities and brand awareness campaigns.

Making the Cut

Team Dave Logan companies go through an extensive interview process and their owners are prescreened annually. This gives customers the confidence to hire without worrying about their selected service provider’s commitment to quality business practices and to operate with professional ethics.

We only work with companies we would personally recommend to our friends and family and welcome into our home.

Companies don’t fill out a form and pay a fee to get our stamp of approval. We take our commitment to trust and ethics very seriously, and only qualified companies make it on our list.

Our prescreening criteria includes:

  1. Colorado Secretary of State
  2. US, State, and County Criminal Database Search
  3. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  4. Business and Personal Credit Report
  5. Civil Lawsuit Search
  1. Individual Due Diligence Analysis
  2. License Verification (if applicable)
  3. Limited Liability Insurance
  4. Better Business Bureau
  5. Malpractice Insurance
  6. Minimum 1 Year in Business