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Our industry-leading strategies deliver on value
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As a home improvement business owner, you know the last couple years were unprecedented for contractors. Phones were ringing off the hook and waitlists were months long.

That two-year binge of homeowner spending has slowed down, but your marketing shouldn't. Here's why...

This year, you’re going to have to WIN new business again. It’s not coming to you like it was; you have to work to get it. Let Team Dave Logan do that hard work for you by driving qualified consumers to your business.

We understand your ideal consumers, we know where to find them, and we know how to connect with them effectively through our highly visited website, radio advertising, geotargeted digital campaigns, email marketing, and our 1.5+ million print publications. When you join Team Dave Logan, you can leverage our 15 years of proven marketing expertise to reach the homeowners you’re looking for.

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Why Choose Team Dave Logan

Sure, there are other options for marketing your home improvement business. But, if those options send you bogus leads, are they really worth the investment? We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than chasing down bad prospects.

At Team Dave Logan, we’re different - we deliver on value, not on empty promises. And we do this through our proven, tried-and-true strategies that connect you to sought-after consumers who are ready to hire.

Here's why we can confidently say we're the best marketing solution for your business: 

  • We are the local, proven experts who have spent 15 years earning trust with our consumers and effectively promoting businesses that meet our high standards of excellence. Team Dave Logan is synonymous with quality and integrity, because we don’t settle for anything less. The businesses we partner with are high-caliber, and when you join our team, you solidify your position in the marketplace as one of the most trusted names in home improvement.
  • We don’t accept any business who wants to join our team. We believe we are the "company we keep," and we only stand by companies that represent our commitment to quality. Every TDL member must be in business at least a year and must pass our industry-leading, rigorous background check.
  • We’ve done the hardest part of advertising for you by performing intensive, ongoing market research to identify sought-after homeowners looking for trusted professionals. Our members benefit from our 15 years of refined audience targeting.
  • We have broad reach. Between our print publications (we send more than 1.5 million annually), highly-trafficked website, radio advertising, geotargeted digital campaigns, and email marketing, we’ve built our extensive platform to powerfully promote reputable businesses like yours.
  • We continue to improve and expand our marketing strategies and programs to stay on the leading edge of an ever-changing world. Because of our extensive experience in the home improvement industry, we're skilled at approaching every situation as an opportunity. We're laser-focused on being your marketing experts, so you can focus on what you do best: providing exceptional services and delivering on your promises.