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Let’s get real. The last couple years have been unprecedented for home improvement pros. Phones were ringing off the hook and waitlists were months long. But that two-year binge of homeowner spending has slowed down.

That means you’re going to have to WIN new business again. It’s not coming to you; you have to work for it.

At Team Dave Logan, we've spent well over a decade researching the market, identifying a qualified target audience, and connecting with them through print, radio, and digital marketing.

Put our efforts to work for you! When you join Team Dave Logan, you can leverage our brand to generate the trust your business deserves. That's because our companies are vetted and legitimate. We know it and the Front Range knows it. And when you partner with us, we'll make sure your potential customers know you're legitimate, too.

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Why Join Team Dave Logan

Since 2009, we've performed ongoing, detailed market analysis to identify qualified homeowners who are looking for companies like yours. They know our team of pros is truly different, in a way that is authentically built on trust, integrity, and quality:

  • We're not "pay to play." We don’t accept any business who wants to join. Every TDL company must be in business at least one year, and must pass our industry-leading, rigorous background check.
  • We provide affordable, effective direct mail that reaches 1.4 million customers each year!
  • We’re locally owned and operated, focusing only on helping Front Range home services companies connect with sought-after homeowners.
  • We have broad reach. Between our mailed publications, website listings, geotargeted digital and email marketing, and consistent radio advertising, we’ve built our extensive platform to promote trusted businesses like yours.
  • Our Account Executives are trained LOCAL advisors who are just a phone call away, responsive to your needs and ideas, and ready to develop a marketing strategy that fits your needs and budget.