Dave Logan Testimonial
Mary P | Golden, CO

The kitchen sink drain in our foothills home was plugged and although we tried a plunger and a plumbers snake, we were unable to clear the drain. We tried calling various plumbers and several did not serve our area. We did find a company and they did not wish to give us a price over the phone - they couldn't be sure what they would find when they arrived. We were frustrated. The Team Dave Logan Resource Guide arrived in the mail that day, and we called Fix-it 24 using the number in the Guide. They were willing to come in to the foothills, gave us a price over the phone, and committed to a time slot promising to call when their person was about 30 minutes away. The plumber did call, covered his feet as he came in, cleared the clog using a professional plumbers snake and cleaned up after. The price was as quoted and we are very pleased with the successful work. Glad that Resource Guide arrived in the mail!