Team Dave Logan companies go through an extensive interview process and their owners are pre-screened annually. Although we hold our companies to a high standard, you are encouraged to do your own due diligence before hiring one to work with you, as everyone’s needs and requirements can be different.

Pre-Screening of Business Owners Checklist

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Department of Registration Search for companies licensed per division
  3. Colorado Bureau of Investigations Criminal Arrest records for Colorado
  4. Co Court Records
  5. Department of Regulatory Agencies Verify licenses
  6. Colorado Secretary of State
  7. Personal Background Check
  8. Denver County Contractor Licensing Contractor License Search
  9. Denver County Court Records-Liens and Judgments
  1. National Sex Offender Website
  2. Nationwide Criminal Database Search (Includes sex offenders)
  3. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  4. Federal Bankruptcy Search
  5. Business Credit/Commercial Credit Report
  6. Customer Credit
  7. Statewide Criminal Records
  8. EPA Lead-Safe Certification
  9. County Civil Lawsuit Search
  10. Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys