The Trees Matter

Trees give protection and help maintain the environment and ecosystem. Plus, they’re pretty to look at. The upkeep of the trees around your home is essential.



  • Water is obviously crucial. Especially the first 1-3 years of the tree’s life. Depending on the climate, make sure your trees are receiving a standard amount of water.

Check it Out

  • The look of the tree's leaves is a reliable measure of the tree's overall health.  Most trees should have green leaves until the fall. Yellow colors can be a sign of inadequate water. Also, be mindful of irregular shapes as this can mean potential damage due to insects, lack of nutrients, or disease.


  • Pruning is very important for the health of your tree. Without pruning, the possibility of ill limbs is possible. Limbs with branches that have an illness can potentially cause damage to your home! Pruning will also prevent potential illness from spreading to the rest of the tree and keep the tree’s strength high.


Our trees are very important to our environment in many ways. Keep your trees as healthy and happy as possible. Looking for professional tree care? Contact a Team Dave Logan member.