Surround Sound Tips

When your husband says he would really like surround sound and you gather the kids in a circle around him, it’s not what he means! Of course, you knew that.

Do you know what surround sound is though? It’s the main thing that actually creates a home theater atmosphere in your home.

For the right mix, you need three speakers in front of you and two speakers behind you or at your side. Different sounds come out of different speakers because the audio signal is actually split into multiple channels. The front speakers provide the most prominent sounds. If a gun-shot is coming from the left side of the screen, you will hear that shot come from the left speaker. If a dog is barking on the right side of the screen, you better hope Fido isn’t laying next to the right speaker! The third speaker is located just above or below the center of the screen. It actually anchors the sound coming from the speakers on the left and right. The speakers behind fill in the background noise and give you a sense of movement.

For more information on surround sound, be sure to call one of our pre-screened Home Audio experts and they can fill you in on the system that will work best for your home.