Spring Cleaning Tips

First and foremost, remove all the debris winter has left behind.  Dead branches that fell from a snow storm or leaves that were never raked from fall need to all be removed so the grass and plants beneath them can breathe.

Another cleaning task is removing the litter the wild winds of March blew on your property.  Trash and debris can make even the most pristine yard look a mess.

Once you can finally see your landscaping again, it’s time to spread some weed killer over your entire lawn.  Be sure to read the label and keep your pets off the grass for as long as directed.

A good raking can also do your lawn some good.  Even if you don’t have any leaves on your lawn, raking can help control thatch (a tightly bound layer of dead grass that builds at the base of living grass).

A good layer of mulch (about 2 or 3 inches deep) can do wonders for the look of your yard. Spraying your landscape beds with weed killer before laying down the new mulch can help keep your yard weed-free through summer. Also, be sure to take a shovel and turn your mulch mid-summer to make it last much longer.

Once your yard is looking lovely, it’s time to turn those sprinklers back on for the upcoming warm weather and get out your favorite recipes for those summer barbecues!