Recognizing When Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Indoor air quality is five times worse than outside air (even with our “brown cloud” in Denver). Pets or children can bring extra dirt into your home and bring about the need to have your ducts cleaned more often. If you have allergies or other respiratory problems, you may be more susceptible to poor indoor air quality.

Is your furnace or a/c working harder than it needs to? Dirty air ducts can cause the system to work harder than it needs to. This can waste energy and cause premature wear and tear on the furnace fan.

Do you have excess dust in your home? If so, it may be time to look inside your vents. If you think of all the space occupied by the vents in your home it could add up to as much as an extra room in your home. If this extra room has never been cleaned or dusted, think about all the air which first blows through this dirty room before it reaches the rest of your home and your lungs!

If you are wondering what is in your home's vents call Colorado Duct Cleaning for a free video inspection of your air ducts and get a free price quote on improving your indoor air quality.