Identifying Hard Water

Hard water can be harsh on several things. Your dishes, your floors, your body in general! Indicating whether you have hard water flowing through your house is easy to discover!

It’s been said that almost 80% of American homes most likely have a hard water presence, but it can be fixed!


How Does Your Skin Feel?

  • Your skin is the largest organ of your body! Does anyone in your household have even minor skin issues? Even if they don’t, some of the minerals in hard water such as limestone, calcium, magnesium and iron can exacerbate your skin. If you’ve felt like your skin or eyes were dryer after bathing, causing itchiness, there is a likely chance that you are using hard water.


Do You See White Spots or Film on Your Dishes or Faucets?

  • If you feel like your dishes aren’t getting as clean and you consistently must clean your faucets, hard water is most likely the culprit. This can also take a toll on your appliances. Sediment that accumulates from hard water can clog valves and decrease water flow which can mean your appliances might not have the life span they should!


Increased Utility Bill?

  • Hard water can lower the efficiency of your water heater because it needs more energy to maintain. The potential for the tank to have several mineral deposits can cause increased utility bills as well as decreased hot water flow.


While some people believe that the calcium in hard water can strengthen your bones and teeth, or they prefer the taste, hard water can be very harsh on your household in a number of ways! Consider a water softener?

Just think about it.