Home Theater Tips

Have you ever sat in a movie theater and wanted to have the same sound experience in your home? The sound of a car racing behind your couch only to have the swoosh of a fire hydrant exploding in your left ear? You can have it with your own home audio system.

Surround sound can be easy to achieve in your own home, but where do you start? First let’s talk about what you need:

  • A large screen television, usually at least 27 inches across.
  • A minimum of four speakers, most surround sound systems come with 5 or 7.
  • You’ll need equipment that actually separates the surround sound signal.
  • A room that has a comfy couch, popcorn on the table and perhaps a cold beverage.

Okay, so you don’t need the popcorn for surround sound, but this at least gets you started. If you have questions about putting a home theater or surround sound in your home, please contact one of our pre-screened vendors to help you. Each home is different and you want to get the biggest “BANG” for your buck. Regardless of what speaker it comes out of!