Local Roofing Company Combats Insurance Claim Issues Using New Technology

Most homeowners who use a trusted roofing contractor automatically assume that their new roof is installed to code and warrantied by the roofing company manufacturer. However, Garrett Kurtt of High Impact Construction discovered this was often not the case. As a result of this discovery, Kurtt has begun fighting for his clients and created a website that will provide the answer to the problems that he is now facing as a result of the insurance companies current storm damage claims practices.

Kurtt’s company, High Impact Construction, was replacing storm damaged roofs in many different municipalities and noticed a disturbing trend. The insurance companies were not writing proper estimates to include building code requirements. When Kurtt confronted the insurance companies, he was told that building code requirements had to be “enforced” in order to be included on their estimate.

“Essentially, the insurance company knows the speed limit is 55mph and that it’s OK to speed because the speed limit is not enforced very stongly,” says Kurtt. Homeowners are believing that the insurance company is paying for their roof to be replaced up to all building codes and include a manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, these insurance company’s practices are leaving homeowners with roofs that are not installed to local building code requirements and therefore voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

In response, Mr. Kurtt stated that insurance companies usually blame that it’s too difficult to track municipality codes and train their field adjusters to know them. As a result of discovering the insurance companies lackadaisical approach to claims handling, Kurtt’s company, High Impact Construction, launched a new website that promises to reduce the headache of roofing estimates and give homeowners greater peace of mind.

The site, oneclickestimate.com, is the brainchild of Kurtt, who realized that the estimating process is inefficient, unreliable, and lacked the inclusion of local building code requirements of the different municipalities. Best of all, Kurtt’s new estimating process uses aerial technology and geolocation to accurately estimate roof replacement cost (including building code requirements) without even needing to visit the property. Oneclickestimate.com is able to deliver a roof estimate to anyone living from Denver metro to Aurora to Castle Rock to Westminster and beyond.

Kurtt’s focus was on building a service that was fast and easy to use for any homeowners. With just a few basic pieces of information anyone in the Colorado Front Range can receive a roof replacement estimate within 48 hours. “Using cutting edge technology such as aerial imagery and aerial measurements, we can create an estimate without ever setting foot on someone’s roof,” Kurtt says.

The advantages to the homeowner are huge: The estimate request can be entered directly into a phone or tablet, and there is no disturbance to the household’s routine. In addition, Kurtt hopes this technology will assist the insurance companies and homeowners in knowing that the roof is both estimated to code and will be completely covered by manufacturer’s warranty.