4 Tips to Get Your Floors Ready for Winter

Shoes Off!

  • Many families in Colorado have a no-shoe policy in their homes but during the fall and winter, it can be even more important! The amount of ice melt when there is a snowfall and the amount of moisture and grime from nature and outside can bring a whole mess into your home! It’s easy to not think about what you’re bringing in from the soles of your shoes because WE ARE ALL BUSY, but much peace and safety can come from taking those shoes off at every entry of your home! Do it at the very least for the flooring in your home!

Pets Pets Pets

  • Clean your fur baby’s paws! Any of your animals that spend time outside can bring in gunk and moisture on their paws, which may not only make your pet uncomfortable but potentially damage your floors. Try wiping the tootsies of your animal loved ones with a soft damp towel when they re-enter the home or use a microfiber rug or mat to have them wipe their paws before wandering through the rest of the home. Mats and rugs are key during the fall and winter!

Hardwood Floors

  • Humidity and heat can be harsh on hardwood floors. Because hardwood floors are susceptible to expansion in varying weather conditions, try to make sure all rooms with hardwood floors are evenly heated. Gaps in panels are just as likely to expand when the Colorado fall and winter seasons come upon us! Ensuring that all rooms with hardwood are evenly heated is important. Keep your floors dry and safe with a mat or rug at each entry way. Preferably one that is easily washable because we don’t always have time to wait for items to dry!

Keep It Up!

  • All the mopping/vacuuming and care you take on your flooring is crucial. Coloradans know that one day it might be a blizzard and the next day, 70 degrees! While some enjoy that, it can be harsh on the interior of your home! Upgrade the time you spend on your floors during the fall and winter seasons to prevent any damage to the flooring of your home and your loved ones. Clean those floors!


Ultimately, Colorado weather can take a toll on your flooring. Ensuring that you and your loved ones are not bringing in any excess, unwanted moisture and dirt will help to keep your home cozy and clean throughout the cold season!


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