4 Things to Consider About Your Fence

Fences not only protect your home but can also upgrade the look and feel of your property!

Be A Good Neighbor

  • When considering having a fence installed around your home, be open and communicative with your neighbors. Keep in mind the way the fence could potentially block their views, disrupt esthetics, or disrupt the structure of their property. Make sure everyone is on the same page.


Multiple Entrances

  • It’s recommended to have at least two entrances for safety and convenience. Keep in mind that at least one entrance should be large enough for bulky items such as outdoor furniture and lawn care equipment.


Style It Up

  • There are many options when considering the material of a fence. Wood, aluminum, bamboo, rod iron are all options! Think about what looks aesthetically pleasing and matches your home. Painting a wooden fence to match your home or adding plants or gardens around your fence can give your home a unique look.


Rules and Regulations

  • Many areas in Colorado have restrictions on fences. Check with your homeowner’s association and your local municipal building to ensure that you are staying within the guidelines. Restrictions on height, material, and overall look are always a possibility, so double-check to prevent any issues!

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