How to Hire a Painting Professional

Look for a company that has a good reputation, offers free estimates, and has competitive pricing. Do not pay a large up-front payment.  This puts you at risk for a company taking your money and not performing the service. Make … Read More

Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Most people think about cleaning up their yards every spring.  Generally speaking, this is a good idea. However, there are three types of shrubs that should never be pruned in the spring: lilacs, forsythia and viburnum. Pruning then will actually … Read More

Get Bugs Off of Your Plants

Bugs! They eat your plants that you so tenderly planted and tended like you were creating a four-course meal just for them. Well, if you have this problem, it’s time to head back to the kitchen. Grab a gallon of … Read More

Dealing with Bunnies

Bunnies, bunnies…everywhere! They reproduce like crazy, eat your flowers and eat your vegetables. Have you ever noticed that if you send your dog into the yard that they disappear in a heartbeat? Well, you can’t have your dog standing watch all … Read More

Dealing with Groundhogs

Groundhogs! In certain parts of Denver and Boulder, they are abundant! Groundhogs are cute, but if you have them on your property, you’d rather see them from afar! How can you get rid of these pesky varmints? Apparently, these fuzzy … Read More

De-Stress Your Grass

Stressed that your grass is stressed? Want a home spun remedy that is all natural? Try mixing up a cup of chamomile tea, a cup of mouthwash, a cup of chewing tobacco juice and a cup of shampoo with twenty … Read More

Keeping Critters Out of Your Garden

Are deer munching on your beautiful flowers? Here in Denver, we are close to wildlife. It’s a blessing and if you like flowers, a bit of a curse! Here’s something you can whip up in your kitchen that may help keep … Read More

Fertilizing Blue Grass

Never know when to fertilize in Denver? For blue grass lawns, the end of August is the perfect time to apply your second application of fertilizer. If you find you are too busy to keep a schedule that will keep … Read More

Tree Trimming Tips

Trimming tree branches away from your roof will help to save your home from damage. If you’ve lived here for a full year, you know that Denver and Boulder weather is often unpredictable. Early fall snows, prior to the leaves … Read More

Sprinkler Blow Out Tips

In Denver and Boulder, the time to schedule your sprinkler shut down is late August and early September. If you wait too long, sprinkler companies may not be able to accommodate your request. Blowing out your sprinkler properly every year … Read More