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of Well-Vetted Home Service Companies

Both member companies and homeowners can rest assured that we’ve assembled a winning lineup of the Front Range’s most trusted professionals. When you join our team, you join the ranks of home improvement businesses dedicated to providing the best service, backed by integrity and quality.

Making the cut

Our Pre-Screening Process

Team Dave Logan companies go through an extensive interview process and company owners are screened annually. This gives our members confidence that they are part of a team of true professionals, and it gives customers the confidence to hire without worry.

Our Pre-Screening Checklist

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Department of Registration Search for companies licensed per division
  3. Colorado Bureau of Investigations Criminal Arrest records for Colorado
  4. Co Court Records
  5. Department of Regulatory Agencies Verify licenses
  6. Colorado Secretary of State
  7. Personal Background Check
  8. Denver County Contractor Licensing Contractor License Search
  9. Denver County Court Records-Liens and Judgments
  1. National Sex Offender Website
  2. Nationwide Criminal Database Search (Includes sex offenders)
  3. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  4. Federal Bankruptcy Search
  5. Business Credit/Commercial Credit Report
  6. Customer Credit
  7. Statewide Criminal Records
  8. EPA Lead-Safe Certification
  9. County Civil Lawsuit Search
  10. Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys

Although we hold our companies to a high standard, homeowners are encouraged to do their own due diligence before hiring a company, as everyone’s needs and requirements can be different.

What Sets Us Apart

Team Dave Logan is local, and we are very different from the big national home service websites. We partner with businesses backed by integrity:

Our hometown is your hometown.

Team Dave Logan only serves Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Front Range, the community we have known and loved for over 10 years.

We are NOT “pay to play.”

Our pre-screening process ensures that we only work with companies we would personally recommend to our friends and family, and welcome into our home.

We don't just list companies, we advocate for partners.

When you join Team Dave Logan, you benefit from Dave Logan’s community recognition and partner with a network of companies that Coloradans know they can trust to be quality, vetted pros.

We help you stand out from the competition.

We work with you to cut through the clutter and enhance your reputation, both with our trusted brand and a deep bench of marketing support tools.

We know that your business is built on trust, integrity, and high-quality service.
Let us help you ensure that your customers’ friends, family, and community see that too.

The Team Dave Logan Advantage

We know that your business is built on trust, integrity, and dependability. Let us help ensure that your customers, family, friends, and community know it too.

Our companies provide home products and services, automotive needs, legal representation, mortgages, insurance, business to business services, and more. Our across-the-board directory attracts customers for everything you do–so you receive quality leads on ideal jobs.

Marketing Tools for a Competitive Edge
Our One Goal: Your Success

Team membership also comes with a variety of resources, exclusive advertising, and promotional offers that help you grow your business and position your company as more than just a search result:

Strength of Being a Selected Member:
Our members are chosen because of the quality of their services, and customers know this. This helps strengthen phone sales, referrals, and retention.

Intuitive Vendor Search:
Colorado homeowners can easily search our directory for quality, vetted professionals and contact team members directly through our website.

Website Advertising:
Display ads on our website feature premium placement for your promotional offers.

Agency of Record:
Team Dave Logan has adopted the advertising agency model, meaning we can bring new and affordable marketing opportunities to team members.

Print Opportunities:
Our annual Resource Guide reaches 625,000+ homes, and our Playbooks are strategically delivered to 150,000 homes four times per year.

Review and Reputation Marketing:

We help encourage your satisfied customers to leave reviews and provide guidance for you to address negative reviews, in addition to enhancing your Google My Business listing.

Video Production Services:
Show potential customers the quality of your work through our professionally produced video packages.

Team Member Job Board:

Prominently display your open positions on our Job Board and your Team Dave Logan company page.

We display testimonials from happy customers directly on your Team Dave Logan company page.

Help Line:
With our help line, we provide assistance for those customer complaints that need escalation and an objective 3rd party.

Additional Advertising and Marketing Options:
In addition to the above, promote your business through our Pro Tips section, co-branding opportunities, team-building events, and more.

Our 2020 resource guide

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If you’re looking for the best way to get your business in front of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Front Range homeowners, Team Dave Logan can help! When you become a Member and list your company in our Resource Guide, you're letting customers know that you’re a well-vetted, integrity-based business they can trust and invite to their home.

Our 2020 Resource Guide is our biggest publication of the year and your biggest competitive edge. Reach your target audience with a tool that:

  • Is sent to a geo-targeted list of over 625,000 homes worth $400K or more and with a household income of $110K or more.
  • Provides high impact direct mail opportunity for less than $0.003/piece including printing and postage – a fraction of the cost of your own direct mail campaign.
  • Is sent in staggered phases from February to October, so you can balance the work volume.
  • Offers premium advertising options in addition to listings to further increase your business’s exposure.
  • Is valuable to customers and has a long shelf life – time and time again, we hear customers saying how helpful the Guide is and how long they hold onto it.

Resource Guide listings are only available to members and must be booked by November 2. Don’t miss this opportunity to be included!

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