Toyota, Lexus and Scion Auto Service and Repair

You love your car.  You transport the people that you love in your car.  If you own a Toyota, Lexus or Scion and need repair or maintenance, wouldn’t you want a company that specializes in your particular make working on your car?  At Toy Car Care, they only work on Toyota, Lexus and Scion and will take the same great care of your car that they take of our own.

When deciding where to go for service and repair on your Toyota, Lexus or Scion rest assured that Toy Car Care can perform your factory recommended maintenance even if your vehicle is still under the factory warranty. Don’t pay more at the dealership.  Come to Toy Car Care and get the service, quality workmanship and price you deserve.

They know how stressful it can be when something breaks down in your car.  Are you replacing the right thing?  Are you paying a fair and reasonable amount?  Most importantly, is your car going to be safe when you and your loved ones are riding in it?  At Toy Car Care, they understand and do the right thing every day for their customers.  Toy Car Care has been working on Toyota, Lexus and Scion in Centennial since 1997 and most of their service advisors have been there for over 10 years.  This speaks volumes to their reputation and service.

Services Offered:

  • Largest Independent Toyota and Lexus service and repair facility in Denver
  • Certified ASE Master Technicians
  • Over 150 Years Combined Experience
  • Original Equipment Parts
  • Early Bird Drop-Off
  • 12 month/12,000 Mile Warranty
  • Same-Day Service in Most Cases
  • Computerized Diagnostic Equipment

Google Reviews

Toy Car Care Rating: 4.2

Ashleigh Schlender

Jul 28, 2018
Mitch was extremely helpful on the phone this morning! He answered all my questions and gave me prompt service. This was my first experience […]

Shelton Bouknight

Aug 03, 2018
I have been coming here for years . Would not trust my Lexus to anyone else . Simply the most honest and qualified mechanics […]

Paul Saddy

Jul 17, 2018
This company is a bunch of con artists. I brought in a used car i just purchased on a Sat afternoon for a […]

Matt Harrison

Jun 15, 2018
Brought my 97 4runner into them in rough shape. They got it running right and fixed everything. They only install Toyota branded parts which […]

Bernice Weinstein

Apr 18, 2018
I have been taking my Toyota Corolla to Toy Car Car for almost 10 years. As a single woman who doesn’t know much […]

50 Recommendations

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I could not be more impressed with them! They take customer service and honesty to a whole new level. I have never before had someone advise me that certain repairs would not be worth the cost and that the car would be fine without them. They advised what was required and advised me on what didn't need to be done. There was no bullsh!t dealing with them, just straight answers and fair prices. After finding this shop I am confident that they will keep my 20-year-old Avalon running for another 210,000 miles!

A Winters

Good mechanics who do good work. They really care about your car. They do upsell a bit at times, but worth it! Been buying Toyotas in extended family for many years just because of the existence of this shop for service.

Steven Sevieria

I’ve been going here for years, and feel like they do a good job of letting you know what is needed when. I did have one issue with my battery where I felt like they did not recommend the correct service. Would have been 5 stars if it was not for that last trip.

Daniel Jagd

Always reasonable price for services and great staff.

Rick Michels

This review was originally a 3 star, my repair was complex and took longer than expected, however, toycar care took care of the problems, resolved my concerns and did excellent work in getting my car back on the road in the fastest manner they could. Excellent service, excellent mechanics, really great work.

Josh Richardson

Good service and price. They only do work that needs to be done, and tell you honestly when it doesn't.

Louis Hendrich

Top notch! These guys listen very well to whatever issue you may have with your car, and are great about prioritizing what needs to be done and what can wait. They are not "cheap" but they are not overpriced either, and they treat my *97 4Runner!!!* like it was one of their own. I ONLY go here, after trying 3 other mechanics in the area. I wish they worked on Jeeps, too!

Josh Kenning

Friendly and quality service, fast service if you make an appointment.

Joseph Schieffer

I've been taking my 4Runner here for over three years now and have gotten reliable and trustworthy service. I wouldn't trust my car with anyone but them at this point. Wish I could bring my non-Toyota vehicles here for service as well.

David Mason

Quality work at reasonable prices. They always seem to be able to fix it the first time every time. I have known Steve, Rod, and Marshall for too many years to count and have always been able to trust them. It's a quality shop that does great work on any Lexus, Toyota, or Scion.

Donald Reeder

Received a quote for $400 cheaper than any other shop for a water pump and timing belt (with no extra or hidden charges after the work was done) on my wife's Highlander. They kept me updated every step of the way while they were working on it, and even repaired some shoddy engine work that some other place did without even charging me more. Everyone there was incredibly professional, courteous, and personable. Also, when I took the car in, the tire pressure light was on. I had tried to fix it a few times myself, but none of the tires were ever low at all so I couldn't figure it out. I never mentioned the tire pressure light when I dropped the car off, and when I picked the car up, I noticed that they had just fixed it for me like it was no big deal without charging me anything. This was my first time at this shop, and I'll never take our Toyota anywhere else but here from now on. Thank you, Toy Car Care!

Jesse Honea

Amazing Customer Service! Looking forward to becoming a regular customer here in the future 🙂 Super Fast and very friendly.

South Side Coffee Talk

I've used Toy Car Care for all of my needs on my 98' and 2011 4Runners. Their repair prices are generally lower than what I've experienced elsewhere (Timing belt and water pump were hundreds less than dealer quote) and their maintenance services are competitively priced. I love having Toyota specialists, intimately familiar with my Toys, rather than generalists. No pressure, just expert advice and outstanding service delivery... On several occasions, they identified and corrected minor issues at no additional charge, which is greatly appreciated and helps to illustrate them caring for my vehicle like it was their own. Thanks to Toy Car Care I've enjoyed 280k and 115k worry free miles and counting!

Matthew Zercher

If you have a Toyota I highly recommend taking your vehicle here, you won't be disappointed. They are honest, professional and have very reasonable prices.

Aaron Gilbert

This is the place to get your Toyota serviced. Very friendly and receptive front desk. Always greet me when I walk in. Comfortable waiting area with WIFI. And I have yet to be upsold which is always the fear if you're going to the dealership. Great place.

Frank Salvatore

I've used these guys three times for repair on my Prius. They do good work, communicate timely and have hours of service that work for me. 7 AM to 6PM.

Greg Brophy

Always considerate of you needs. And gives good time frame with updates on progress of the task at hand.

Odkhuu Narantuya

All the oil leaked out of my 2009 Toyota Highlander so I had my car towed to Toy Car Care on a Sunday evening. Before I even arrived there Monday morning they thought they knew what the problem was (oil cooler pipe went out) and researched it and found out the repairs would be covered under an extended warranty. They refilled it with oil so I could have it towed to the dealer for repair. This was all done before I was even a customer! I have since had my car repaired there and was very happy with the level of customer service and quality work they do. Thank you Toy Car Care!

Liane C.

The best service I ever have received from any shop. Toy Car Care has earned my loyalty.

Victoria Jacobs

This shop was recommended to me by a coworker and I've been going here for several years. They always do top quality work and the staff is very helpful and friendly! Marshall went above and beyond to get my truck repaired!

Michael W.

I purchased a Toyota Highlander in 2014 and because I work right down the street from this place decided to give them a try. I never took that car anywhere else. The staff here is friendly, knowledgeable and capable. I sold that car in early 2016 to get back into a sedan that is sadly not a Toyota. If these guys serviced other makes I'd bring all of my cars here. Anyway, if you own a Toyota and are close enough to do business with this place you should. Thanks for taking care of me and my vehicle while I owned it. If I ever have another Toyota, I know where to go.

Steve G.

The guys are the best for your Toyota or Lexus. They are honest and charge a fair price. When they do scheduled service, they only do what is needed. I would NEVER go to a dealer and get ripped off.

Alan B.

Had our car break down on a Saturday as we were driving through, and these guys were not only extremely helpful but were the only ones in the Denver area to get us in immediately, diagnosed our issue and got the part in and fixed before the end of the day. They saved us from hours of headaches and having to wait until Monday. Highly recommend them for fast service, courtesy, and reliability.

Sean H.

They did a used car pre-purchase inspection for only $75. It was very thorough. Toyota and Lexus is there niche. The facility was clean and the staff were polite. They have free Wi-Fi in a small waiting waiting-room.

Bryan M.

The staff was friendly, but there was a miscommunication about the work to be completed for the price quoted. I didn't realize all the repairs I was expecting were not completed until after I was home. And when I called to ask about why those other items were not repaired I was told that it would cost more. So, I paid a $99 emissions diagnosis charge that was not applied towards the cost of repairs plus a $149 labor charge to replace an O2 sensor that has 2 bolts plus $205 for an O2 sensor that can be purchased elsewhere for less than $100 (the exact same OEM Denso part). Oh and I paid $26 for less than 3 feet of heater hose that can be purchase for less than $5 at any auto parts store. They did however get it to pass emissions, and point out all the other work my vehicle needs. I really wish they would have spent the time they used on the inspection to repair the incorrectly routed hoses I was expecting to be corrected. In the end I passed my emission test, and they insisted on testing it before pickup to ensure it passed. At this point I honestly wonder if the Toyota dealer would have charged me any less.

Eric W.

So happy to have some honesty! I took my Toyota to a dealership for an oil change and was told I had a water pump leak that needed to be fixed immediately. I went to Toy Car Care because I needed the problem fixed and they quoted me less than the dealership. I was able to drop my car off after hours which is huge because with 3 little children I can't really hang out and wait. Then, I forgot to leave my number and they tried to find me in the phone book. I called an hour and a half before closing time and they told me they did not see any leak. There was a few other minor things they recommended and were able to get done before I picked up my car at closing. I did ask if it was possible that they could have missed the leak and they kindly explained what they would have needed to see and also that without taking everything apart neither they nor the dealership could be 100% certain. But the mechanic said he saw no signs of a leak and didn't just want to take my money. So honest! They could have easily made $540 and I would have never known the difference. I appreciate that so much that I am taking the time to give them a review. I will be giving them my business in the future and recommend them to anyone who needs service.

Mel W.

My husband commutes 110 miles a day in his Corolla, so needless to say, we are here a lot. I drive a Ford and have to deal with "other" auto shops. I wish I could find a place as consistent and customer focused as Toy Car Care. My new car plans were to get a Mazda or Subaru, but knowing that if I get a Toyota I get to use their services has helped me settle on my next car purchase. I cannot wait to start my own customer loyalty with TCC.

Tambra S.

Been going here for about 5 years and so far, so good! Admittedly, I will take my Toyota to other shops for easy/routine work like oil changes and tire rotations as sometimes they are a bit cheaper. For more involved work, I always take it to Toy Car Care (even though they are a bit far from me). Like other reviewers, my experience has been that they are honest and don't try to sell you repairs you don't need. They have even brought me back in the shop area to SHOW me what the problem was and what needed to be done. I recommend this shop for Toyota and Lexus owners.

Eric H.

Just did a 60K mile service and it cost less than they said it would. That’s a first!
The oil change cost less than it normally does at Walmart. They also went the extra mile trying to figure out why car was pulling. They did not do things that did not need to be done. And they applied a coupon I did not even bring in. They have my vote!

Frank V.

A good and trustworthy mechanic is hard to find. Luckily I have with Toy Car Care and they have been fair on pricing and honest every time over the years on my Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Couple that with quality work and you can't go wrong with them!

Mike M.

A good and trustworthy mechanic is hard to find. Luckily I have with Toy Car Care and they have been fair on pricing and honest every time over the years on my Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Couple that with quality work and you can't go wrong with them!

Travis G.

Every time I take my car or my truck to Toy Car Care, they treat me very well. They are professional and I always get a smile. I've never had any problems scheduling an appointment or having my questions answered, no matter how weird or stupid. They've never failed to notify me of what my car needs or doesn't need. Keep up the good work guys!

Happy Customer

Every time I take my car or my truck to Toy Car Care, they treat me very well. They are professional and I always get a smile. I've never had any problems scheduling an appointment or having my questions answered, no matter how weird or stupid. They've never failed to notify me of what my car needs or doesn't need. Keep up the good work guys!

B. R.

This place is as good as it gets. I had an issue with a broken driver side mirror, and Googled local places (other than a dealership) that work on Toyota's. Toy Car Care came up, called and worked with Steve who went the extra mile to help me out. I definitely recommend, and will be coming here for all future services!

R. S.

After dealing with the upselling BS at Automation/Go it was great to try these guys. They are honest and give me a warning if I have something major coming up that I will need to budget for. I stick to the schedule of maintenance and (knock on wood) haven't had any problems with my car and I am at 110k. Dave Logan endorsements don't really matter to me because I know they can be bought. These guys are the real deal though. I highly suggest them!

Caroline S.

WOW! Highly recommended. My normal shop wanted over $400 to do what they did for $140. I had 2 serpentine belts that were basically falling off they were so bad. My other shop also suggested some things that they said I should wait on, and that they weren't necessary unless there was a need. I like a shop like this, because I don't have money falling out of my (you know what) to give away. I like that they have Dave Logan's endorsement too. Just to make everything better, I dropped my car off after hours the night before. There was another gentleman there doing the same. I asked him if he'd ever been here, as it was my first time. He said he has 3 cars he brought here and they have done nothing but an awesome job. That sealed the deal for me!

Jeff M.

Toy Car Care is owned by guys who used to work at a Toyota dealership. I have been taking my Toyotas and Lexus cars to them for 25 years, even when they worked back at the dealership. The owner Steve is very honest and trustworthy, if he tells me I need to fix something I always do it. There have been many times he will tell me I don't need to do something and he is always right. My guess is over the years they have saved me $20,000 in repairs. They have a great set up with Enterprise Rental car for rentals at $25 per day, fantastic when you need to leave your car for a bit longer. I trust Toy Car Care and will continue to take my cars to him. Nothing like saving so much money compared to the dealerships. Steve was one of the first Certified Toyota Master Mechanics in Colorado and his techs are all the same. They are highly skilled.

Happy Client

If you own a Lexus or Toyota, this is the place to go to save a lot of money. They are Toyota certified, but don't charge the dealership prices. I paid those for years until I was referred here. Trust me, there is no difference in quality, but a big difference in price.

Ronald R.

The business is clearly centered on customer satisfaction. Quick service, fair prices and competent staff. That about sums it up.

Jeff B.

Since I bought my 4Runner 1 year ago, it has had a hard starting issue. The engine would crank for 6-8 seconds before finally firing. I wish I would have known about Toy Car Care a year ago...Over the course of a very frustrating year, I had the 4Runner in 5 auto shops (two Toyota Dealerships) who kept the vehicle for 49 days. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with it, and after diagnostic fees, labor, parts, rental cars, etc. I was up over $3,000. I had given up and was going to sell it when a coworker referred me to Toy Car Care. Not only did they correctly diagnose the issue (multiple leaky fuel injectors), but they took the time to show me what was happening while the engine was dismantled before replacing anything. They replaced the injectors at a very reasonable price. I will never take my Toyota anywhere else, I wish they could work on my wife's Ford.

Evan M.

These guys did a great job on my '92 Land cruiser. It drives like new. They did what they said they'd do, when they said they'd do it, and the price was as expected and very fair.

Karsten V.

I have been talking my Lexus GX 470 there for many years there prices are great compared to a dealer. I have been quoted 500.00 to 1500.00 for a timing belt on my Lexus Toy Car was much cheaper and dealer quality. They are honest and will not hose you on repairs. This is not a grease monkey or a quick lube this is a professional Lexus / Toyota shop that does not rip you off like a dealer would. If you want dealer quality without the dealer fees try them you will not be disappointed (In my option). PS: My technical knowledge and mechanical knowledge are above average I do most of my own breaks and oil changes so when I go there I know what I’m asking for and what I need and what is not needed. If they make a recommendation to you on something just ask straight forward “Do I need this now” or can it wait. It’s not a big deal they know we are not all made out of money and understand that if they say it can wait then wait. Remember all they work on is Toyota’s / Lexus & Sion so this is there area of expertise vs your all around mechanic who might need to look up the “How To” on the internet.


I take both my Scion and Lexus here. A++ service at a fair price. If you need to pay triple $$$ for a nice lounge and free bottled water, Kuni is just down the street.

Rob C.

Being relatively new to the country and unsure where to get my RAV4 serviced, I tried a number of places which I found to be from poor to reasonably good. I recently had a problem with my 4WD and was recommended to take it to Toy Car Care. I rang them this morning and was told to bring it in this afternoon. They looked at it while I waited, diagnosed the problem quickly and fixed it. I was also given recommendations of what to do should the problem occur again. This was the best experience I have had with vehicle service since being in the country. I will certainly use them again and would recommend them to anyone.

Polly P.

I needed some technical data for my Tacoma in order to do the repairs myself to save money. Toyota wanted 125 dollars for three pages of data. Marshall one of the service writers was more than helpful. He got me what I needed. I recommend this shop to anyone I talk to with a Toyota/Lexus. Outstanding customer service.

Mike U.

I will never take my Tundra anywhere but Toy Car Care. I've taken it to them twice. The first was for a timing belt replacement. Two Toyota dealers and another independent shop quoted me anywhere from $1,100 to $1,300 just to replace the timing belt, and nothing else. I saw Toy Car Care's timing belt special for $379.95, and that kind of made the decision for me! When I got my truck in, they called and told me that the water pump and serpentine belt needed replacement (expected), and that the coolant should be flushed and replaced (unexpected). I got out the door for right at $1,000-much less than at the dealer!

Fast forward a few months...the computer in my truck went out. I limped the ol' Tundra to these guys, and the quote for a new ECM was over $1,000-ouch! The service manager saw how much that hurt, and told me how to swap it myself and save hundreds. I appreciated his help and sympathy, and the fact that they truly were concerned about helping me out-not just making a quick buck.

As someone who generally expects to get screwed by anyone who has anything to do with cars (dealers or mechanics), I highly recommend this company, and as I said, I won't take my Tundra anywhere else.

Matt P.

Toy Car Care is simple: Trustworthy car repairs done quickly for a reasonable price. I've been going here for maintenance and repairs for about 5 years. They have never tried to upsell me, trick me, or try to fix something that doesn't need fixing. The price is good, appointments are quick, etc.

There is nothing bad to say about this place. I couldn't recommend a mechanic more highly.

Angie B.

We have been going to ToyCarCare since the early 2000s. If you drive a Toyota or Lexus and want excellent repair/service, ToyCarCare is the place to go. They aren't the least expensive place around, but they are less expensive than the dealer. They have Toyota trained technicians that know their product inside/out. They are honest and don't oversell. Highly recommended.

Curtis N.

I have been to Toy Car Care twice - once a few months ago to have my brakes checked as they were making noises and something seemed "off". They are friendly and professional and very accommodating. I was delighted to a) learn that my brakes were fine and the noise was simply caused by brake dust, which they removed b) they were honest with me and charged me only for the inspection.

The second time I came back was this past weekend when my serpentine belt snapped (due to simply being worn out and not having been replaced when it should have been due to my negligence) and the battery subsequently died. They were able to replace the belt and battery in one day, without a prior appointment, working past their closing time of 5 PM so that I could have my car done that day.

They go the extra mile here - from a comfortable waiting area, to upfront costs (no upsells, no extras) to doing high quality work.

I recommend them wholeheartedly if you have a Toyota or Lexus that needs maintenance or repair.

Nicole K.

Great experience. New to Denver. Trustworthy, not try to up sell you, tell you how it is, and give alternatives (vs my experience at downtown Firestone where try to push you to replace parts). I found my new car care shop for my Yaris. Clean shop with very comfortable waiting area.

Ken R. Denver



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