The Home Loan Arranger is one of Denver’s Premier Mortgage Lenders with expertise in residential refinance and purchase loans, offering Conventional, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loan products.  Named as a US Top 25 Loan Originator by the Scotsman's Guide and Five Star Mortgage Professional, president and founder of The Home Loan Arranger, Jason M. Ruedy has truly mastered the art of mortgage lending. Jason has over 28+ years of experience in the Mortgage Business and is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, allowing him to streamline the mortgage process and make it as easy as possible for the homeowner. When you work with Jason M. Ruedy and his carefully selected and experienced team, you will be confidently guided through the loan process from application to completion.  The Home Loan Arranger is ready to answer all of your mortgage questions and help you achieve your mortgage goals.

In need of a loan expert? Rates are at all time lows!


Services Offered:

  • Residential Mortgage Loans
  • Mortgage Refinance Cash-Out
  • FHA Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • VA Loans
  • Extremely Competitive Rates
  • Rate/Term Rate Reduction
  • Close as Fast as 10 Days

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The Home Loan Arranger Rating: 4.4

Daniel Buckingham

Jun 16, 2022
Wow, I am SO GLAD that I got in touch with Jason Ruedy - THE HOME LOAN ARRANGER - when I did! He was […]

Patricia Coby

Sep 04, 2021
The Home Loan Arranger made my refinance quick and easy. My initial call was returned within a day or two. Right after […]

Nicole Barbera

Feb 18, 2021
We used The Home Loan Arranger to refinance our home. We couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to make it happen! The […]

Gina Wareham

Feb 10, 2021
The Home Loan Arranger team was so great to work with. The staff was very professional and timely, making the process very easy […]

Kayla Evancich

Feb 02, 2021
Nikki at The Home Loan Arranger helped us refinance our home and we could not be more pleased with how smooth this process was. […]

50 Recommendations

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Jason responded to all my questions and calls....could not have done more to help me thru this process!!

Katherine F.
  • I just completed my 8th mortgage in my life (a refi this time) so I would say in most circles I am considered a veteran home buyer. Working with Jason and Sonia was a pleasure. Jason and I discussed what I wanted to accomplish (going down to a 15-year mortgage) and got me into an excellent rate. Better than I could find anywhere else. Totally happy.

    Bob H.
  • Jason and his team are very attentive and responsive. We were dreading the home refinance process but he made our refinance a very smooth and easy experience! Would highly recommend his services to anyone! He worked hard to get to the rate were we needed to be. Excited and grateful to Jason for saving us $$ every month.

    Nicole P.
  • This company is AWESOME; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THEM, best interest rates! I was approved within less than a week and closed within 14 days. They were the fastest response when I was shopping and were the most knowledgeable. I am saving over $600.00 a month because I refinance my home using "The Home Loan Arranger"

  • Great team that helped me close a refinance quickly.
    Jason and his team helped me take advantage of the current low mortgage rates. This was aptly supported by his team that was prompt, courteous and very professional.

    Harschad C.
  • The loan process was quick and smooth. Overall, great experience!

    Dave P.
  • Jason and Sonia helped me when other lenders couldn't. Thanks to this team I have hope for my financial future. I am grateful for the personal attention I received while working with Loan Arranger!

    Janine W.
  • Jason was able to secure a better rate for me. I didn't want to shop my information to a ton of lenders. I was close to going with my bank until Jason came in with a deal I couldn't walk away from. Highly recommended.

    Nancy K.
  • The experience was exactly as it was advertised and we saved over $300 by refinancing with the Home loan arranger. I would recommend their services to anyone.

    Stacey J.
  • They worked hard on finding me the right loan.

    Susan M.
  • Jason Ruedy was positively excellent! This was the 4th time we have used Jason for a purchase deal or refinanced and will certainly do so again in the future.

    Chris R.
  • We would absolutely recommend Jason Ruedy, The Home Loan Arranger! We worked with both Jason and Jeremy and they did a great job with our refinance. Due to some strange circumstances beyond anyone’s control, there was a red-tape hiccup with our loan, but Jason and Jeremy handled everything with ease and professionalism. You can really tell the true character of a company when there is a potential customer service issue, and these guys were awesome! Seriously, if you’re looking into a home loan or refi, call these guys.

    Julie F.
  • Excellent experience! Efficient, fast, got exactly what I wanted when 2 other banks tried "diverting" me into different loans and rates. I used to be in the mortgage business, so I knew what I was doing and this place is top notch! You will not regret working with them.

    Janice H.
  • I always use The Home Loan Arranger! The Team is Professional, Timely and Makes the Process So Easy! Jason helped to guide me in obtaining the best interest rate for my refinance! Plus, Jason's outfits on Colorado and Company are always Fun! Give him a call...you'll be glad you did! 🙂

    Joelle S.
  • Jason was a great person to work with to get my debt paid off and my house refinanced. Would recommend him for your loan needs.

  • Very helpful, and fast, I was with owen mortgage, and could not get away from them, Jason is a blessing.

    Cavin A.
  • Nikki facilitated a refinancing during a separation I was going through. She was very responsive and help facilitate to both parties. Overall I was very pleased with their responsiveness and their willingness to help out.

    Tory L.
  • I recently closed a home mortgage refinance with Jason Ruedy The Home Loan Arranger. Jason and his staff were great! My home loan process from start to finish took 10 days. I received a very low interest rate and I am skipping 2 mortgage payments. Jason and his staff are true professionals and made this process extremely easy for me. I highly recommend using Jason The Home Loan Arranger.

    Mike D.
  • I'm so excited now, I can now pay my bills and take care of my entire family. Thank you, Mrs. Ashley, you've brought me financial freedom.

    Ashley W.
  • I'm so excited, I got a loan from a loan lender which help me out with my loan. It was unbelievable on how I got a loan. I have tried different service, but I could never get a loan from those service. some of them will ask me to fill lots of document and at the end of the day it will not end well. but i am happy after meeting with Mrs. Susan, I was able to get my loan of $80,000.00 now my business is going well and I want to let all of you know this today because they are quick and 100% reliable.

    Lee P.
  • I am in the real estate business, and I work with a lot of lenders on a daily basis... so when I say that Jason Ruedy is by far one of the best mortgage brokers I work with. I really mean it. I have closed one refinance with Jason Ruedy already, and I am in the process of closing my second one with him. On the first refinance my appraisal came back lower than I expected, and Jason took the time to pull more comps to send for the appraiser to revise his value on my home. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Jason fought for me the appraiser would not budge on his value. I greatly appreciated Jason spending the time to try to get with the appraiser to use more recent comparable that fit a value I believed my home was worth. In the end the appraiser did his job, and even though I felt my home was worth more with the comparable provided I am not the licensed appraiser. Even with that Jason was able to make the refinance make sense for me, and we got the deal closed with great ease!
    I have to say that I read the other review on here and must laugh. Quicken loans is truly one of the worst lenders I work with, and they have some of the highest complaints online. Also, an appraiser cannot 'illegally' withdraw funds from anyone, nor do you get to 'agree' on amounts with them. A mortgage broker gives you an estimated amount they believe will be charged for the appraiser’s service, but ultimately the appraiser determines the fee for their services as they are a third-party vendor. They must provide comparable to support the value. Using a Zillow amount without support is not possible.

    Amber S.
  • I originally tried to refi my condo with another mortgage company, and he said they could not help me because I had too much debt. Thank goodness I found Jason! Not only was I able to refini but I was able to consolidate my credit card debt into the loan. It also helped because my Appraisal came back with a good score too. I couldn't be happier! I definitely recommend The Home Loan Arranger!! Thank you, Jason,!

    Jaqueline W.
  • Best in the business! Helped me through a complicated re-fi without any hassles at all! Great communication!!!

    Dave K.
  • I have worked with Jason on multiple home loans now, as well as others in the metro area. He has always shown me respect and shared his knowledge of the current lending environment when looking to complete another purchase or refinance. Mortgages have changed over the last several years and if the last time you did one was a while ago your expectations may not be meet based on your previous experiences. Jason has helped me understand these changes and I appreciate his forwardness; this has helped me in my dealings with the Denver real-estate market.

  • I was home during the day and saw Jason on one of the morning talk shows. He was talking about how they can do refinances for credit scores as low as 500. I was skeptical but I called the number anyway and began the process. My husband and I ended up getting approved for a cash out refinance which allowed us to pay off bills and so some things with the house that we had been wanting and needing to do. We never had to go into any office and even when we closed the closer met us at a Starbucks. Time wise, the process took a little over 2 months but that was in part due to us not getting paperwork into them in time or the underwriters needing more documentation or explanations of things. All in all, it was a painless experience, and I would definitely recommend them especially to anyone who has credit challenges

    Miss A.
  • Had a wonderful experience working with Jason and his Great team
    After seeing the commercial he made the process sound so wonderful
    The Loan Arranger a great company to work with, they will go the extra mile and do everything possible to close your loan. Extremely Happy thanks, again.

    Jason-Henry T.
  • Jason and his team were excellent! We highly recommend The Home Loan Arranger for your home purchase or refinance needs. They were terrific, efficient, honest, and hard working. You can't go wrong with Jason or his team!!!!

    Kim R.
  • I called Jason, based on a commercial that I had seen on TV advertising an unbelievable refinance rate. I found Jason and Tom very friendly and helpful. It is a great team to work with. Highly recommend giving them a call.

    Kauai K.
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Jason and his team on 3 different occasions... and my experience with them has been nothing short of EXCELLENT! Very professional and honest... keeps you informed all the way through their process to the closing table and afterwards. Save yourself time and hassle searching for another mortgage company to work... with and call the Home Loan Arranger (Jason) first!

    JMD D.
  • Incredibly fast communication, fast closing, amazing rates, everything done easily online except the actual close. No games or runarounds saved us almost 6 years of mortgage payments! Thanks Jason and team!! Will recommend you to anyone.

    Brian L.
  • I contacted the Rooney Team,
    Tom And Diane, I am extremely happy with the way they handled my refinance, they were very quick and I am very pleased with the service and the interest rate. I appreciate the professionalism and accuracy of this company. Thank you, very much.

    Hilda M.
  • We’ve been working with Jason/The Home Loan Arranger for almost 2 years, processing his files.
    Jason’s knowledge of the mortgage industry, consultative nature and willingness to take the time needed to walk each client through the process is unparalleled.
    Through his professionalism and diligence, Jason offers every client a 100% transparent, customized and personalized solution to their unique lending needs.
    The immense number of repeat clients and referrals he gets proves that The Home Loan Arranger provides paramount customer service and that Jason has perfected a seamless refinance process from start to finish

    Diane C.
  • Jason Ruedy and The Home Loan Arranger Team are amazing...every transaction is delivered on time. Would recommend them to everyone...great rates and everything online!!

    Kathy F.
  • I have had a wonderful experience refinancing with the Home Load Arranger. Sonia and Spencer made the entire process so smooth, easy and fast, too. I would highly recommend their services!

    Jeff S.
  • Highly Recommend. We have been purchased and/or refinanced so many different properties and we finally found a company that delivers what is promised. They were very up front, explained everything, and we closed with even better figures than we were quoted. They are professional. We will never use anyone else, we are a costumer for life!

    Anthony L.
  • I refer everyone I know to Jason and his company for their lending needs - family, friends...everyone. The customer service, availability and knowledge he and his team have far surpasses any company I've ever worked with. I've refinanced several times over the past few years and it's always fast, easy and a really good experience. I won't use anyone else.

    Sonya E.
  • I have done refinancing a few times now and this company was the best!!

    Eddie F.
  • The Home Loan Arranger team was so great to work with. The staff was very professional and timely, making the process very easy and painless. We were able to close on our loan in 14 days. Some of my friends refinanced with other companies and it took months. So glad we chose the Home Loan Arranger, would highly recommend to anyone wanting to refinance their home!

    Gina W.
  • Jason Rudy was great to work with! It was a very non stressful experience!! In times like now it’s nice to have someone that knows what they’re doing and gets the job done In a timely manner! Saved us so much money per month!! Would highly recommend his company!!!

    Christina M.
  • We used The Home Loan Arranger to refinance our home. We couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to make it happen! The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. It was easy to tell that Jason has lots of knowledge and experience within the mortgage industry. He did a great job at explaining everything to us and the process was very smooth. Our emails and phone calls were also always attended to right away, which was something we really appreciated. We couldn't recommend The Home Loan Arranger enough! We won't take our business anywhere else ever again!

    Nicole B.
  • These guy's don't mess around. We had our loan closed within about 2 weeks from when we started. And my wife and I are both self-employed, which is always more of a challenge. They respond back to emails very quickly. Highly recommended

    Scott T.
  • Refinanced through Home Loan Arrangers. Very fast and professional. Closed within 2 weeks. Everyone was very professional and up front about fees, disclosures, and prompt in answering questions. Will use again in the future.

    Scott C.
  • The Home Loan Arranger team is fast, professional, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend calling Jason today!

    Jennie M.
  • Just finished a refi with The Loan Arranger. Jason and his associates were very professional, very efficient, and very fast. This was the easiest and fastest refi we have ever been involved in. Highly recommend to anyone needing a refi.

    Anthony O.
  • Best Company I have ever worked with. Fast, very little extra paperwork, honest, and professional. I shopped my mortgage with at least 7 companies, including my own bank, and the mortgage company I was with, The Home Loan Arranger had the lowest rate, I closed in 2.5 weeks, skipped 2 payments, and lowered my rate and payment. I also like that I worked with the same person/processor from start to finish and Jason was always accessible. It is important to me to have the personal service/experience, that I have not been able to get in the past, I was always a number. With The Home Loan Arranger I was treated like family, it was white glove treatment from start to finish. 100% comfortable and satisfied!

    Nick S.
  • Jason and his team were OUTSTANDING to work with. Getting me an excellent loan was of course the highlight, but the process was seamless and executed with total professionalism. Everything was simplified and fast. I would absolutely refer this team to ANYONE!

    Robin M.
  • I have worked with The Home Loan Arranger, Jason Ruedy for financing my homes and I have been very pleased with the service

    Cherise S.
  • I tried to refi through one of the larger well-known companies that advertise in Colorado all of the time, got nothing but the runaround and delays on everything. I was referred to Jason at The Home Loan Arranger from a fellow employee, 15 days later I closed on my loan. Amazing service and amazing staff

    Marc B.
  • This is the second time I have worked with Jason very happy with responses whenever we had a question very pleased working with him I would refer him to anyone who asked who I went with

    Jerry K.
  • Jason Ruedy and everyone at the Home Loan Arranger have been phenomenal. Jason contacted me personally for a short and professional fact finding call on our needs. Irene was our loan processor, and she could have not been nicer. The whole process from start to finish was great. I would definitely recommend Jason and the Home Loan Arranger.

    Michael M.
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