Paul and Lisa Sutton founded Peak Structural in 2002 on the conviction that people in need of help solving serious problems in their homes would respond enthusiastically to a different, more remarkable kind of customer experience than was widely available at the time. Now, Peak Structural is one of the largest foundation structural repair, crawl space repair, concrete repair and basement waterproofing service companies in Colorado’s Front Range.

With complimentary estimates for homeowners, their experienced, professional staff will work with you to evaluate your home and determine what is (and is not!) needed to fix it. They will address your questions and concerns and provide you with a written quote. They approach every job with professionalism and integrity, using patented, reliable, innovative products you can trust. You are assured of fair, honest and pre-set pricing. Wet basements and crawl spaces can cause mold, odor, and damage to floors and walls. Left unchecked, wet basements, unstable foundations, or mold issues can also decrease the value of your home. Cracked concrete slabs cause tripping hazards and decrease property value. When it’s time to sell, you will have to disclose these issues. Then, you’ll either fix the problem or take a steeply discounted offer.

Why not make the repairs now, preserve the value of your home, and enjoy your stable foundation, dry basement or level concrete? Peak Structural is ready to help you protect your investment!



Services Offered:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Concrete & Dirt Crawl Space Solutions
  • Finished & Unfinished Basement Waterproofing
  • Settling Foundation
  • Bowing Walls
  • Cracked Foundation
  • Concrete Repair

Google Reviews

Peak Structural Rating: 4.8

David Sawtelle

Jan 19, 2022
We just had crawl space encapsulation done by the Peak Structural team of Rick, Zack, Daniel, and Jarid. This team did a really terrific […]

David Lopez

Aug 03, 2022
Mike and Aven of Peak/Groundwork’s just finished doing my front step and driveway and they did an excellent job. Very professional work and cleanup […]

Michelle Gold

May 23, 2022
My family has been Peak Structural customers for years, and not only is their work & maintenance, outstanding, they have some of the best, […]

Elizabeth Orr

Apr 01, 2022
The entire process with Peak Structural was informative, professional, and of great quality. Our sale representative Cliff F., was very helpful through the beginning […]

Debbie Downing

Apr 23, 2022
Don't look any further..."Stand up Business" A Five Star Rating!...in so many ways!!! Excellent work with a professional attitude! First and foremost they sent engineers to. assess […]

50 Recommendations

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Joe Lally is extraordinary . . . so patient, a teacher as well as a sales rep, friendly, and professional. I deeply appreciate all the time he gave me. His care and concern creates faith in the company he is representing.

  • Jenna was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and interested in making sure I understood what he was doing and our system. Great experience!!!!!

  • They were the only company that I found that could do the job that I needed. One of our window wells would fill with water and would not drain properly. The cost was very reasonable for the job required and I didn't feel like they did more then they needed too. The crew that came out were great and very quick. They cleaned up their mess and more. The job they did was first rate and completely fixed the problem. Top rate service! Thank you!

  • The crew was excellent. They showed up as advertised and completed the project on time. They took minimum breaks, explained what they were doing, answered questions and were extremely courteous and professional.

  • Brian and his crew should be congratulated for the great work that they did. These days it is refreshing to see individuals that are so conscientious when it comes to work.

  • I would recommend this to anyone, and in fact have to a couple people in my neighborhood and at work. It was well worth the cost. I never would have thought my husband and I would be sitting in the crawlspace having a conversation while marveling at what work had been done! I can't thank you enough!

  • Peak Structural was very helpful and professional. They did quality work and the customer service was great as well. I would definitely recommend them!

  • I feel everyone is very knowledgeable there. Tina is awesome in her role there, very helpful, and got back to me quickly on questions I had. Cameron seems so young, but he is very knowledgeable and the more he talked and explained things, I could tell he knows his stuff. Will and his crew were excellent and explained things very well. I am hopeful the warranty is as good as it sounds so if I ever have problems, it will be covered.

  • Nathan and his crew were terrific. They worked really hard on some extremely hot days. I am grateful for their diligence and great attitude.

  • Truly outstanding service. There was excellent and continuous communication between the company and me and got me scheduled in short order. The rep was prompt and professional. Most of all, he was exceedingly knowledgeable, informative, and helped me understand all the process and testing for my house. I was very very impressed and will call them again if needed. I would HIGHLY recommend this company and the rep who responded.

  • Once the installation was complete, I contacted a mold remediation specialist. In case you'd like the contact, his name is Jay Hoffman and he owns Executive Pro Dry - 719-573-8390. I also contacted an environmental engineer, who tested my air for mold spores. His name is Bob Redosivish and he owns Health and Environmental Technology - 719-337-4347. I highly recommend both.

  • Peak Basement was at my house recently to do the 2nd job for me. First they encapsulated my crawl space earlier this summer, and this time to seal and waterproof a foundation wall in my basement. Both times I was very happy with the job, overall good experience. Isaac does a great job doing the initial inspection, explaining what needs to be done and the specific costs. Then the crew that came out both times were great. They arrived on time, met their estimate on when they would be finished, very professional and hard working. Left the area looking great.

  • My installation crew was the best. They do very hard physical work in not the best of conditions ie basements and crawlspaces. They took the time to explain everything they did and why. They were all very nice and respectful. The scope of our project changed when they had to use an alternate product which took longer to install. They stayed and worked until the job was done and done properly. Digging and filling concrete work is not the most glamorous of careers - but these guys took pride in their work and it showed in their attitude and in the final result.

  • I really like my new crawl space! Sounds kind of silly but the space is more user friendly. Cody Solberg did a great job for us. I was impressed that he always communicated with me about the job and the times he would be here. I recommend Cody to you for your foundation needs. Done well, on time! No muss no fuss!! Yahoo.

  • Peak Structural does great work. We have used them 3 times and is always the easiest contractor to work with.

  • Very satisfied with the work performed on my crawl space. All the people involved were helpful and courteous. Would use this company again.

  • Class act. Both the estimator and technician performing the work were very professional. Somebody did a great job hiring these two.

  • Overall, very nice and very professional.


  • I had a sump system installed by Peak, and the only reason I'm rating 4 stars is to wait and see how the sump works out. That aside, the crew that installed the system were very knowledgeable, professional, and did a great job on the install. Chaun explained things before the work started, and as the work progressed. The install looks very good (even though its ultimately going to be hidden by sheetrock/flooring). Based on the job this crew did, I would recommend peak to others.

  • I felt extremely confident in the professionalism and judgment of every workman. I am more assured of our safety from outside water incursions than I have ever been. We will be calling you again to discuss re-build options in spring.

  • Everyone I dealt with was wonderful. It would be helpful, however, to let customers know what time the crew will show up on the install date. I was in the shower at 0730 when they arrived, not thinking workmen would arrive that early! They were able to come back later that same day which was great. I've just never had workmen arrive that early for a job.

  • Installation was well done. Installer was top notch.

  • We have since moved out to Peyton, have no basement and live on the top of a hill, so hopefully will never need your services again, but we continue to be so very grateful for all you did for us. Peter was our shining light and all the work crew followed right along in that path. Yours is a truly remarkable company.

  • I would like follow up about the installation. I paid my balance in full, however, I'd like someone to come out to ensure the clean space is sealed, which I was told to wait until the dirt settled that was moved, as well as answer a question about the clean space not going all the way up the wall in one area of my crawl space. This in no way takes a way from the professionalism your guys showed and their hard work.

  • Extremely professional and competent company.

  • I just can't say enough nice things about the salesperson, Matt and the onsite crew, Will, Aaron and Zack. They worked in terrible conditions without complaint and were always so pleasant and respectful - even when I peppered them with one question after another. They deserve raises!

  • There were a number of challenges that came up during the project, but the crew and foreman worked hard to ensure I was completely satisfied.

  • Excellent service including contact from the office for order/appt confirmations and a letter prior to the install date with an introduction of the crew leader. We are very happy with the work performed. The whole process took less than a day. We are relieved we do not need to worry about water in our basement now!

  • Once a customer's confidence in your services is lost, it is a difficult challenge to overcome. The first crew that came out was very courteous and I had confidence that all would go well. After they left, the other crews on the job site left me with feelings of uncertainty about your services. Brandon was able to restore my confidence in your company. Please give him my best for a bright future with Peak!

  • I'm glad you sent this survey as I wanted to let you know of the wonderful job that was done by Brandon, the installer. He came into a rather uncomfortable situation due to a lack of communication between my husband and I and he handled it beautifully. I felt completely comfortable with the changes in plans after Brandon explained it to me. He made me absolutely sure that I was satisfied with the work that was done and understood the system and how it would work. He was fabulous and is a real asset to your company! We felt completely reassured and confident in the entire job from start to finish. I would gladly recommend your service to anyone!

  • Friendly, considerate, thorough and FAST!! Our scheduled 2 day project was completed in 1 day due to the efficiency of the crew.

  • Eric B and Paul C took care of the polyfill job. They were very professional, very conscientious and as someone who does a lot of home improvement work, I believed they treated my house like it was their own.

  • Nate was very helpful and knowledgeable. Had he been the one to come out to address issue the first time, it may not have dragged on this long.

  • Eric and Paul - What a team! Hard working, thorough, and great communication during the lift.

  • Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • We experienced significant settling around the house (new build). While most of the areas did not impact the house itself, the settling under the driveway did become a concern. I made the decision to shore up these areas sooner than later figuring to catch the problem early and avoid the costly repair/replacement should the driveway actual crack and collapse. For this I chose to use Polyjacking (used in cases to fill gaps that open up under the cement much as injection insulation fills all the gaps in the walls of a house). (Note: Mudjacking is the other way, but it is designed to "float" up the collapsed slabs).
    Reviewing my options in the Denver area, I was immediately impressed with friendliness and attention paid me by the Peak Structural team when I reached out to them. From the scheduling/contact folks at the office, to Brandon coming out to discuss/analyze/assess the situation in great detail, to finally the actual Installation team Chaun and Tim, everything was handled efficiently, friendly, and professionally. Chaun and Tim were very helpful and informative and worked well together and with me on the project. They took care to setup the injection holes (about 5/8th" diameter) so that the aesthetics of the driveway were minimally impacted.
    An interesting idea we worked out together was to reuse the powder from the drilling to create the plugging material for the holes after the injection was done. This created a coloration very similar to the actual driveway so the holes will be almost unnoticeable in time. This approach is an important value based on driveways now being built with all sorts of colors and textures. I highly recommend this company (and the team I worked with) for handling foundation type repairs.

  • Entire process was professional and non-stressful. Options were explained thoroughly, and work completed as quoted. Excellent job by Chaun and Tim.

  • From start to finish, having Peak Basement Systems fix our foundation was a good experience. Our first contact, Isaac Vigil, was very knowledgeable and he took the time to answer all of our questions. Isaac impressed us more than the representatives from the other two companies we asked for estimates. Cameron and his crew, Richard and Cody, were great! They were polite and professional. They did an excellent job cleaning up our basement when the project was completed.

  • We were very satisfied with our experience with Peak. The salesman was knowledgeable and responsive and the work was done quickly.

  • We were very pleased with the entire process of working with Peak Structural. Thank you so much.

  • The job was done well, and when I called about scratch marks on the floor, Tina followed up with helpful advice and they cleaned up immediately.

  • Just wanted to thank you again for helping survive a very difficult time. Also used Bill Howell at LevelBest Concrete and Mona at Dreamscapes and Design, excellent in what they do and so very reasonable, still checking to make sure everything is okay. They also speak very highly of you, so I don't hesitate to recommend all of you.

  • Thank you everybody for being so professional every step if the way. Anthony was great and really knows his stuff! He was even so considerate to clean up after estimate and installation. Even the staff who handled the financing and scheduling-were very pleasant to deal with! Thank you again.

  • Hilario was awesome! Him and his crew were able to straighten the bowed wall. Everything was done how we were told and our expectations were exceeded. We are very happy with the results.

  • Dustin and Brian were very nice to work with. Anytime I had any questions they would stop and answer them and show me how things worked. Both of them were very pleasant to deal with and they always seemed cheerful. They did a great job!

  • I feel confident Peak is the best at what you do.

  • Wall anchors not only stabilized but appear to have slightly corrected the affected basement wall.

  • Very pleased with teamwork of crew.

  • I have already spoken highly of your service to someone with a similar problem.

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