Envirotech Pest Solutions goal is to differentiate itself from other pest control companies by exceeding industry standards in safety, effectiveness, and customer service. There is a difference in pest control service and companies.

Envirotech does a thorough inspection to look for conditions favoring pest entry and pest survival to provide you with the best solution. If You DON’T Like the Idea of gallons of chemicals sprayed around your home or workplace call us for Complete Pest Control Solutions.

Services Offered:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Bed Bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Bed Bugs
  • Millipedes
  • Flies
  • Pocket Gophers
  • Hornets
  • Yellow jackets
  • Whatever else is bugging you!

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Envirotech Pest Solutions Rating: 5

David Garcia

Feb 18, 2020
Best in the business. Absolutely the best […]

Toni Weiman

Aug 27, 2019
I highly recommend this company!!! Brittany who answered there phone has spoken to me over and over with all my crazy questions!! And they […]

Carol Foster

Jan 24, 2019
I live in an apartment building in Denver and am extremely sensitive to chemicals. When I discovered cockroaches in my apt. I had […]

Adam King

Apr 26, 2019
They just helped me again. I would truly rate them a ten out of five if it were possible. […]

Diana Ely

May 04, 2018
Envirotech has been great to work with. They are professional, respectful and courteous. Our home had a horrible amount of spiders in the basement […]

50 Recommendations

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We hired Envirotech to spray for wasps and spiders. The technician arrived timely and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company.

Ann Lyons

Always courteous and on time, Envirotech has, most importantly, done a great job keeping pests away. Ever since contacting them several years ago for a flying ant problem, I’ve never seen another flying ant again. (No more spiders or other pests, either).

Jill Sullivan

Envirotech has been great to work with. They are professional, respectful and courteous. Our home had a horrible amount of spiders in the basement before we began quarterly treatments. Now our basement is so much more enjoyable. In addition, they have helped me with our wasp problem. I appreciate their responsiveness and attention to detail. Having pets and children in the home, I feel comfortable having their products used..

Diana Ely

They were able to come on the same day I called. Quick, efficient and courteous, the technician did a thorough inspection and explained what the plan was to mitigate my problems. Very reassuring having Envirotech looking out for my house. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

Homeowner in Denver, CO

Envirotech was exceptional. They initially came out on a Friday afternoons and when we still saw snakes on Monday they came back out immediately to set more traps at no charge. Our snake problem has been resolved thanks to Envirotech.

Homeowner in Centennial, CO

Envirotech did the best job in communications. They called and e-mailed me very promptly.

Homeowner in Sheridan, CO

Fast call after I submitted the request for information. I was very impressed.

Homeowner in Denver, CO

Scheduled two visits and have only had the first one so far but very satisfied with the first extermination. Seems to be taking care of the problem.

Homeowner in Denver, CO

You guys were so nice. You sat down and spent quality time explaining how we could prevent pests in the future and gave us some really valuable information. I would recommend you to anyone!

Homeowner in Denver, CO

Very good and professional, did not try to over charge.

Don A.

The young man was punctual, pleasant, and professional. His pest control application was not flamboyant, but was effective as the problem is resolved. No pressure for additional work or long term contracts. I will definitely call them as needed.

Homeowner in Arvada, CO

They've got us on a regular schedule now. Nice people, reliable and friendly.

Janna G.

Very satisfied and the company is very professional. My ant problems have been terminated.

Homeowner in Castle Rock, CO

Did a good job - professional - would use again.

Homeowner Westminster, CO

Timely and efficient. Couldn't ask for more.

Jim Jacobson

They were great and saved me money.

Homeowner Thornton, CO

Informative, on time, and precise treatment.

Debra H.

We have used Envirotech Pest Solutions since we bought our house in Denver. They have always been prompt, neat while here, pleasant to talk with and seemingly knowledgeable about all creepy crawlies! The first time that they were here it turned out there were quite a few spiders in the crawl space that Envirotech promptly evicted making them one of my favorite service companies! They have been setting out "mouse houses" for an outside mouse problem that we had for the first time this year. The mice seem to have packed up and moved out thanks to Envirotech! They started servicing our house 5 1/2 years ago and we are still happily seeing them on a regular schedule!

Deb Crowl

Wonderful experience with a wonderful company! I HIGHLY recommend them!! I recently moved into a new house and there was a definite NEED for pest spraying. We decided to go with Envirotech and are so happy we did. Everything about the not-so-fun experience of living with bugs was pleasant. The woman I spoke to on the phone, Brittany I believe, was very helpful and knowledgeable. Her amazing customer service was what really made me want to choose this company. The prices were also reasonable and when the tech came he was friendly, clean, professional, and it didn't take too long. We haven't seen a bug or critter since. Thanks Envirotech!

Kimbler G.

We’ve been using Envirotech Pest for over a decade now. They always do a great job and they spend time to chat when I’m home during their service. Big thanks to the entire team over at Envirotech!

Kathy McGillan

They were great. They explained what they were going to do, and how to mitigate the problem in the future. I would definitely use them again!

Denise W.

They did a good job, have not had any trouble with spiders since they came.

Bary B.

The tech arrived on time, was friendly and explained everything to us. Great Job.

Constance F.

Thought I had a rabbit in the crawl space--did not--guy drove all the way down--walked me through the wildlife protections already installed on my house and took the time to discuss mitigation with me. Fair price for the drive down and the time spent.

Linda V.

The people at Envirotech were very friendly and helpful in answering questions. They were not pushy at all. The tech was very knowledgeable did a thorough job. They stood behind their warranty when I saw additional spiders in our home. They seem very eager to make the customer happy.

Cecil V.

Timely and efficient. Couldn't ask for more.

Jim Jacobson

We've hired them to perform recurring services for our pest control needs. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Satisfied Homeowner, Denver, CO

It has been about two weeks and the ants are still gone. Technician was knowledgeable and courteous. The technician realized my problem was not as bad as expected, he took care of canceling the follow-ups and charged me a lower price to match the level of service.

Shawn M.

I used to have problems with Field Mice, spiders, and ants. After the first treatment all the problems cleared up. Occasionally I get spiders, but Envirotech will come out for free to clear them out. I get seasonal appointments, which keeps the bugs out year around. I have had occasional issues with scheduling, but these issues are not big enough for me to switch away from Envirotech.

James D.

Very prompt and professional. The tech is very knowledgeable and helpful with the solution to the problem. Haven’t seen a mouse since he has been here! Very satisfied with this company!

Tony S.

Responded quickly and helped identify the problem.

Satisfied Homeowner, Littleton, CO

They were prompt and knowledgeable and fairly priced.

Satisfied Home Owner, Broomfield, CO

We have had nothing but great experiences with Envirotech Pest Solutions. We picked their service because we wanted an environmentally friendly solution, and because we have a dog and needed pest control that would be safe for her. Envirotech has been incredibly professional and easy to work with. They are always on time for appointments and make scheduling easy. They are knowledgeable and most importantly, we've seen a huge decline in the number of spiders in our basement level. I would recommend Envirotech to anyone looking for pest solutions.

Sarah Dixon

Professional, Great company... I would highly recommend!

Gary Madrid

We’ve been using Envirotech Pest for over a decade now. They always do a great job and they spend time to chat when I’m home during their service. Big thanks to the entire team over at Envirotech!

Kathy McGillan

Every Spring, we had spiders show up inside our home! Envirotech Pest Solutions was the only pest control company that was able to get rid of my spider problem.

Steve Kruger

The technician was very punctual and did a very good job explaining what he was going to do before he did it. He also explained how effective (or not effective) the treatment would be given our wood deck and its propensity towards hornet's nests.

Satisfied Homeowner, Denver Metro Area

Very thorough inspection in attic and crawlspace. Even tried to talk me out of paying the initial service fee because there were very few mice droppings. Paid anyway since fall coming and major construction to start in our neighborhood (critters looking for a safe place to hide). He also showed me where they might be coming in and what kind of caulk to get to fix the hole.

Satisfied Homeowner, Denver Metro Area

They did a good job and it was successful getting rid of wasps.

Satisfied Homeowner, Denver Metro Area

I had called several places to find out how to spray my house for spider issues. Everyone I talked to just wanted to spray my entire house in/out. I have two toddlers, two cats & dog. I was hesitant to spray anything. This company was great at explaining how to effective treat the house, without having to spray every square inch. The tech was punctual and explained the process to me. I was very happy with how professional this service was.

Lynne C.

Was referred to Envirotech by a coworker. We had spiders everywhere! After Envirotech came in.....not a ONE since! Will be re upping with Envirotech for the upcoming year! Fast friendly service, and NO spiders!

Damon F.

They were very prompt...Arrived on time and instantly diagnosed our rodents as pocket gophers and voles...We thought we only had voles. Made recommendations for getting rid of and not encouraging further habitation by these creatures. They are coming back this week for a follow-up and gave us a 30-day guarantee......Very nice, very polite, and very efficient. Would recommend and use again.

Satisfied Homeowner, Castle Rock, CO

Responded quickly and helped identify the problem.

Satisfied Homeowner, Littleton, CO

They were prompt and knowledgeable and fairly priced.

Satisfied Home Owner, Broomfield, CO

Envirotech spent time 'checking out' my entire home inside and out. The other company came here and spent maybe two minutes. It's always nice to have a friendly person come into my home!

Lisa Fladuns

They are always friendly and knowledgeable. Envirotech was the only company to find the source of my problem. They found where the mice were getting in and told me how to fix it. I have recommended this company and my friends have had good experiences too.

Karen Steiner

Technician is an incredibly friendly and efficient young man. He could even work with a 2 year old tagging after him. I feel quite safe using the Envirotech service around my house, child, and pet. We've had great success with the system, which speaks volumes considering we back to open space and every critter large and small would like to get in. I would recommend this service to anyone concerned about the environment, but who would like to keep the environment outside.

Antoinette Klinkerman

The service man was prompt and took plenty of time to hear my needs, THEN he treated the house. Very efficient!

Mildred F. Pope

Envirotech has always been on time. They explain everything they are going to do. Also, we have pets in the back and lots of wildlife that we didn't want to hurt.

Kathlyn J. Beard

Thank you for ridding me of my spider problem. The technician was extremely prompt, helpful, and friendly. Additionally, I do not have to worry about harsh chemicals hurting my pets or myself. And the spiders are gone, thank goodness! I will continue to use you as my pest removal company and tell my friends what a great job you did. Thank you again!

Eliza Lanman




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