Why choose EcoMark Solar? They are a Colorado based company, locally owned and operated.  Their passion is helping their neighbors become energy independent.  They envision a future where all Coloradans own the energy they need to live.  It’s no secret that energy bills are sky-high across the Rocky Mountain State and that energy prices will continue to rise.  Their skilled professionals understand the needs of Colorado homeowners and can design and install a solar panel system that works for both you and your budget.   Their mission is to help you achieve energy independence, financial independence and a more sustainable lifestyle through solar power.

Own your home, own your energy and increase the value of your home!  Call Ecomark Solar today for your free design analysis and take advantage of tax savings!

Services Offered:

  • Solar Design & Installation
  • Roofing & Solar Repair
  • Solar Accessories
  • Payment Plans
  • Insurance Claims & Support

Google Reviews

EcoMark Solar Rating: 4.6

Tim Laushman

Sep 21, 2021
After a decade of getting told my roof did not have the fire clearances to install solar panels, panel size and efficiencies made it […]

Katie Ridley

Jun 15, 2021
Quick and simple process. They handled all of the scheduling and permits. They made switching to solar easy and a no brainer. We're very […]

laura rodefer

Aug 04, 2021
I just got my solar turned on this week. Installation went well and communication seemed clear except the fact that there was absolutely no […]

Kevin Greene

Mar 21, 2021
Overall I'm very pleased. They answered all the questions I had at every stage, and answered quickly. They don't do active monitoring, so you […]


Jul 30, 2021
Very aggressive salesman. Berated me for choosing another company due to EcoMark having “so many more reviews” and is more reputable due to that. […]

50 Recommendations

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Everyone was very friendly and answered all the questions we had. Explained what they were doing and why. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking to have solar installed on their house.

Jan D.
  • The entire team was awesome. We received phone calls to establish installation schedules. Every scheduled appointment was met. All work was outstanding. When our utilities company came to the house to install the final monitor, they were very complimentary of the work. In fact, the utilities employee said that the system was very professionally installed. We are extremely satisfied with the entire process

    Keryl B.
  • Ecomark solar has provided a great service from day one. We have worked with several team members throughout the process. They are knowledgeable and flexible with our busy schedules. We recommend Ecomark solar to our family, friends and neighbors.

  • Ecomark was a pleasure to work with. Everything from installation to final follow-up went super smoothly and quickly and we are pretty excited to have solar up and running so fast. Thank you!

    Teresa R.
  • From start to finish all work was excellent. Employees very helpful. The way my panels look compared to others in the springs area are a lot cleaner set up.

  • I had a good experience throughout the whole process. They kept me informed at every step and let me know what to expect. This is a very professional company.

    Paulette H.
  • Working with Ecomark has been very simple throughout the process. They kept us up to date on the project often. Additionally, they were able to quickly address any issues that arose. Specifically, we had a RFI issue that they have been diligently working to resolve.

    Courtney W.
  • Having solar has been great. Really helps with the utilities bill. When we had a damaged panel due to a hail storm, Ecomark was able to replace it as soon as the roof was fixed. Also love how the company is local.

    Savannah M.
  • Ecomark has been great from start to finish. They communicated well throughout the process. Excellent customer service with friendly employees

    Paul J.
  • Ecomark has been great to work with in getting our house solar powered. The staff has been great to work with, all have been very professional. Haven't had it long enough to show savings yet, but still wishing we would have done it earlier.

    Dustin S.
  • Everyone should work with this company to get solar panels installed. The whole process was smooth and easy. I especially liked getting updates via email as to the process of design, permits, etc. The people who came to install the equipment were friendly and helpful.

    Rochelle B.
  • I would like to say thank you to Ecomark team for showing us that they care about their customers, because they kept in contact with us every step of the way until our solar was set up. I was very pleased with the installers. They explained how our system was going in. They were very detailed about their work and they were very polite and kind when they spoke to me when I would ask questions about the system. I would definitely refer Ecomark to other people that would be interested in a solar system. Ecomark was very prompt on putting our solar system up. It only took them months to put it all together, better than years like another solar company told us, which never happened.

    Nancy M.
  • The staff at Ecomark were very friendly and easy to work with. Some communications by email to make appointments, which I appreciated, plus email updates on the process. Working with a Colorado-based company was also a goal for me, so choosing Ecomark was easy. I read their reviews, which were all good.

    Carolyn W.
  • I would recommend Ecomark to anyone that wants to have solar panels installed. The process was so easy and informational. From sales to install to checking in with us periodically, they were all amazing people to work with. This process was on schedule and was very simple. This was a great experience and enjoyed it over a span of three months.

    Dawn U.
  • Ellen, the sales rep, was on time, and took her time explaining the benefits of solar. She insured all our questions were answered. We started the process in late April. By mid July our solar was up and operational once the permits were received. Everything went super fast. The installers were on time, courteous, and worked quickly. Jake was on time and made sure all our questions were answered for the final setup appointment. Very pleased with the process so far.

    Virginia W.
  • Ecomark has been wonderful from the start to finish! We have been impressed with their quick responses when we had questions and friendliness. The install was quick and easy. We are so glad we got solar through Ecomark.

    Marc B.
  • The entire process from beginning to end was fantastic. EcoMark employees were very courteous and professional throughout the process. They made sure we were up to date on the installation status and answered any questions we had. It was a great experience and we are already seeing the benefits of our solar system.

    Mary P.
  • I had an enjoyable experience with the solar installation process. Any issue or question was promptly explained to me. Jake came out and thoroughly explained how the system operates, including online and external evaluation process. I would definitely refer Ecomark Solar for friends. By the way, at no time from beginning to end of the installation process was I in the dark. Finally after installation, they cleaned up the area

  • From the beginning to finalization all of the EcoMark representatives were knowledgeable, polite, and very helpful! Explanations were complete, concise and understandable, updates were provided timely and follow-up communications were helpful. Our energy production has just begun, im excited to see our next electricity bill...who's ever said that?!

    Jennifer E.
  • One of the simplest process to have solar installed from the first meeting to the completion/installation. Ecomark solar made the process stress free!

    Frank W.
  • Excellent work from start to finish, fast efficient, professional and polite.

    H. Sweeney
  • Great experience! EcoMark reps explained the options, financial benefits, and operation in a no-pressure, easy to understand way. Project manager was on top of scheduling and taking care of everything with virtually no oversight on my part needed. Highly recommend!

    Felix W.
  • EcoMark recently completed installing solar panels on my home roof. Every part of the EcoMark team provided excellent service. It takes time to go thorough all the initial steps, but once the permits are obtained the installation goes quickly. These hot summer days bring a smile to my face now that I'm generating my own electricity

    Carl C.
  • We were approached by EcoMark for a solar power system. I am glad to say the process from start to finish was positive from start to finish with exceptions. I will say the sales person, program lead, and even the electrical and construction were polite and helpful. The install looks very professional from my view point. Inspections were passed each time with no rework required. However the exceptions noted are: We were told the insurance for the home would be unaffected and possibly the cost would be reduced. Just got off the phone with my insurance company and my cost for insurance is now up $81.00 a year; I was told the date the install would start but never got a call confirming the time and the installer showed up at 07:00. Glad I was already up; also the install was to take two days, but because of inspections and electrical company work, from start to finish it over a week, with more time expected for commissioning (as I wrote this I was called and told to expect a 3 week delay); and last there were construction pauses caused by the inspections. I was to be called date and time for their return. I did not receive one call and was caught unaware until they knocked on my door. Glad I was up only because I had to let the pup out when they rang the doorbell. Being new to solar panels, with the treatment shown other then notifications, I would be pleased to use EcoMark again.

    Ernest D.
  • Great sales meetings, with lots of great details on benefits of going solar and costs/savings involved. Step by step details given after signing the contract up to activation. Looking forward to watching my production and seeing the savings over the next 20+ years.

    Paul S.
  • We just had our system installed today, so we are not up and running just yet because we have to be inspected and such. I have enjoyed working with Ecomark solar through the entire process. I have felt well informed about how it all works and i have been kept in the loop about each step. The initial interaction I had from the canvasser to the sales pitch was positive and everyone I worked with all seem truly honest and like they enjoy their jobs. The installation team worked really hard and did a fantastic job. I am impressed with the integrity I have seen in this company and I hope they continue to build their reputation on this....it will take them far. We are excited to start producing our own energy! Thank you, Ecomark Solar!

  • We had a great experience with Ecomark. Everything went smoothly and we were happy to go with a local company. Haven't had any problems yet!

    Jackie P.
  • Ecomark has been fantastic from the from the moment they knocked on our door! Everyone has been professional, courteous and very punctual from the street team to the install to commissioning! We have been blown away by the passion and quality of the whole company. It has been a dream of mine to have solar since I was a child and Ecomark made it come true!! Thank you for everything.

    Josh R.
  • EcoMark Solar has made it very easy for me to understand my solar panel system. Everyone has been friendly and good to work with!

    Angi B.
  • These are the folks to go with!!! I had Solar in California and even with that positive experience, this one has gone far and beyond my expectations!
    The guys who came and did the install were very professional and really did an excellent job. All inspections have gone without a hitch and we're at the final phase of IREA coming to switch us on! Just can't say enough about the excellent service and how highly I recommend EcoMark Solar!

    Mike B.
  • For a project of this size, at the end of it all I have to say they've done good. I had a 5.4kwh solar system installed on my roof by them. I'll break it down:
    Service: State of the art, walked through every step of the process, and owned it like a boss.You immediately get the feeling they know their stuff, and are in good hands with them!
    Prices: Some internet/comparison shopping puts them right in line with everyone else. Maybe a bit premium compared to some others, but you pay for the best, you get the best 🙂
    Process: Overall very smooth, only a few bumps in the road they knew how to recover well from. The whole process took close to 3 months start to finish, a few delays around things like getting a tree removed that blocked the panels, etc. No big deal but don't expect this project to be a quick project if you want it done right.
    In short: Would happily have done this project with them again, and I'm happy to refer them to anyone who asks! Thanks again guys!

    Gregory H.
  • I had no idea what to expect on my solar journey but EcoMark made sure that I was informed every step of the way. Each person that we spoke to or that came to our home to install was awesome! I'm so pleased with the communication and overall outcome. We make our own energy! EcoMark is the real deal.

    Maddie P.
  • We have been wanting to get solar for awhile. So, we set up an appointment with EcoMark to discuss our options.This company has been very helpful in explaining the process every step of the way. Everyone has been very friendly and professional to deal with. We are not yet up and running; but the process so far has been nothing but positive.

    Sara C.
  • Ecomark has been a great company to work with from beginning to end. We really enjoyed working with our sales rep Halley. The rest of the process has also gone smooth and we have had constant updates with the entire team each step of the way. Appointments and overall process have been on time and require little oversight from us. Highly recommend working with Ecomark for your solar needs

    Happy Homeowner
  • We are extremely happy with our new system! The process from initial sales to final commissioning was very smooth. Communication from Ecomark was ongoing thru the entire process. Tirzah and Jake were highly professional. Service was outstanding! We definitely recommend this system to others who are considering solar as an energy option!

    Happy Homeowner
  • My husband and I have been very pleased with Ecomark Solar. The process has been smooth and enjoyable. All personal we have had contact with has been helpful. Installation was quick and easy and the panel look great on our house. We highly recommend Ecomark Solar.

    Happy Homeowner
  • Ecomark has a pretty seamless process for solar. Once everything was going the installation wasn't bad. Everyone was super nice to work with.

    Happy Homeowner
  • The process of getting solar panels was very streamlined and straightforward. We have been impressed with the honesty and integrity of Ecomark Solar. Installation was very easy and took two days. Ecomark took care of every part of the process from permits to HOA approval. We are excited to have solar panels!!

    Happy Homeowner
  • Ecomark has been wonderful from the start to finish! We have been impressed with their quick responses when we had questions and friendliness. The install was quick and easy. We are so glad we got solar through Ecomark.

    Happy Homeowner
  • From home show to initial visit to install and through setup, every rep was knowledgeable and professional. Every question was answered and the system is working as advertised. The system is neat, clean and relatively out of sight. Well done!

    Happy Homeowner
  • I had an enjoyable experience with the solar installation process. Any issue or question was promptly explained to me. Jake came out and thoroughly explained how the system operates, including online and external evaluation process. I would definitely refer Ecomark Solar for friends. By the way, at no time from beginning to end of the installation process was I in the dark. Finally after installation, they cleaned up the area.

    Happy Homeowner
  • This is the second company I spoke with but the most knowledgeable. Even though I didn’t have many questions they still gave me info on things I wasn't aware of. I loved being in the loop from start to finish on the project and having my input taken into account and having some small things reworked to my liking. I feel like this should be the main company anyone should go to to have their solar needs taken care of

    Happy Homeowner
  • One of the simplest process to have solar installed from the first meeting to the completion/installation. Ecomark solar made the process stress free

    Happy Homeowner
  • Ecomark was excellent in the process of me getting solar. They took care of everything and kept communication throughout the process. The representatives were prompt in answering questions and being on time. I would recommend Ecomark for anyone who is thinking about going solar. They also provide competitive pricing for their unit.

    Happy Homeowner
  • Started the process when our home was under construction. Was able to identify our need for solar and build a system off construction diagrams. During installation, the installers were able to work around my schedule. It was a breeze from beginning to end

    Happy Homeowner
  • The whole process went great. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. From the nice gentleman that came to my door first, to Halley the saleswoman on down. I can't wait to see the savings!!

    Happy Homeowner
  • Ecomark solar was great to work with from the sales person, installation, to production. The professionalism that was there was great. The sales, to help me understand how the system worked to the process of installation and production. The explanation of how to turn it on and off. Also the reminders of how the process of everything. Would highly recommend Ecomark Solar for solar power

    Happy Homeowner
  • Solar installation from Ecomark went smoother than I expected. All people involved in the process were very knowledgeable and professional. System was installed very quickly and worked great when energized. Installation crews were very helpful and kept the job site neat and clean.

    Happy Homeowner
  • Working with Ecomark from the very first meeting has been pleasant, informative, and helpful. All of our contact has been great, we even enlisted their roofing company to replace our roof after a hailstorm. All of our questions were answered immediately. Fantastic service and response time. Looks great once installed and we've received positive remarks from neighbors and inquiries.

    Nana B.
  • EcoMark was a breeze to work with and was flexible in how the package was put together. They communicated at every step of the way so that we knew what was coming and what we needed to do next. We required some construction to reinforce the roof. Their construction team completed the work quickly and economically, and creatively packaged it into the overall package to give us the best financing option.

    Happy Homeowner
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