Colorado Pond Pros began when Mike started to work in the landscaping industry.  Mike did all types of landscaping including sprinkler systems, hardscaping, and even snow removal, introducing Mike to backyard ponds.  Mike’s love for being creative built Colorado Pond Pros.

Throughout the years Mike has become an expert pond builder! Experience has made Mike an artist who builds water features of all kinds, bringing joy to families, and finding fulfillment in his own work. Mike is committed to providing the crew at Colorado Pond Pros with ongoing training through Aquascape, keeping them at the cutting edge of water feature creation.  Mike and Colorado Pond Pros also participates in donation pond-builds and service projects that benefit communities and individuals.

If you are looking for a pond company with integrity, experience and artistry, you have found your company! Contact Colorado Pond Pros today.

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Services Offered:

  • Ponds
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Koi Ponds
  • Goldfish Ponds
  • Pond Installation
  • Pondless Waterfall Installation
  • Pond Renovations and Relines
  • Pond Repair
  • Pond Cleanouts

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Mike and his associates were very professional and instrumental in answering all of my questions and concerns about updating my existing pond. I would highly recommend them for future services.

Walt B. - Longmont
  • Israel is always so helpful and patient with me. I appreciate his knowledge and suggestions. It has made the rejuvenation of the pond a pleasant experience. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

    Peggy D. -Longmont
  • Paxton and Lucas did a terrific job in cleaning our pond. Very professional and knowledgeable. I have done my own cleaning in the past, so I know what it takes to do this job well, and these guys did a very thorough job. They had answers to my questions in all cases and reinforced some of the things we are doing correctly to our pond throughout the year. And they assisted in resolving a minor issue with the valve that feeds water into the pond. Great job at a fair price. You will have my business in the future.

    Lee J - Englewood
  • Thanks for the thoughtful, personalized landscape work. We love how it looks!

    Sue S - Niwot
  • I'm confident that, should there be a future problem, you will "have my back". Kudos to Colorado Pond Pros for having such an ethical business plan.

    Gail B - Longmont
  • Very pleasant knowledgeable young men. Did wonderful work in short amount of time. So helpful. My pond is so pretty now. And my fish are happy!!!

    Kathleen C - Longmont
  • Very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous workers. We really appreciate Pond Pros!

    Kathy L - Morrison
  • The team who came to service my pond was fantastic. They were both very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to walk me through what was being done as well as what needs to be done to maintain the ecosystem within my pond. Thank you so much for the friendly staff and great results getting my pond back and running.

    Joe M - CastleRock
  • The CPP technicians were professional yet delightful and worked very hard to catch and distribute our large koi! CPP coordinated new homes for these fish as I decided they may have outgrown my pond and wanted them to be comfortable. They also took extra effort in distributing the water from the pond to my two evergreen trees across the yard. They listened to and completed each of my concerns and ideas, while ff course, scrubbing the pond rocks clean: I can’t wait to see the clean water tomorrow or the next day!

    Tamara L - Golden
  • We were very satisfied with everything from the first visit with Mike until the completion of our beautiful pond! We have already recommended Pond Pros to our friends.

    Ralph H - Littleton
  • We needed someone to modify our leaking pond in our backyard. Unfortunately, we chose a contractor to fix it last year and it ended up looking like a pile of rocks. This year, we called on Colorado Pond Pros to fix the mess because I saw some beautiful examples of their work on their website. Mike Hermann, the owner, is an artist and we are thrilled with how beautiful it looks and how the birds have all returned to our yard to enjoy it as well. I only wish I could post a photo for you to see...it is stunning! Mike and his team were courteous, respectful of our property and helped us save money on the project by offering suggestions. I only wish I would have had them do the pond initially. We will definitely be calling them for seasonal servicing when and if needed.

    Bonnie - Lakewood
  • Our new fountain looks great and Colorado Pond Pros got it all up and going in a single day. It was a super busy time of year, so from the time we got the estimate and paid the deposit, the installation was scheduled several weeks out. I was worried that by the time the day arrived, the installation might slip - but they were right on schedule and brought two different kinds of installation materials (a fixed basin and a set of materials to do a custom base with a liner) to adapt to the limited space we had.

    CT - Lyons
  • This is our first time using this company. The two gentleman that came to transfer our 13 fish and clean out our pond were not only extremely professional but they were very informative and kind. Our pond has never looked better and our fish are happier than they have ever been. We will definitely continue to use them from here on out.

    Robbin S - Parker
  • They were SO great! They really made our pond sing and just look spectacular. We moved here in March and hadn't seen it in action yet and they brought it to life! Such a great job. Can't recommend them enough!

    Anne R - Arvada
  • The guys were great. Kind, honest, friendly and informative. Answered all my questions and offered good advice. I really felt like they were treating my pond and setup with the care they would for their own family.

    Marc W.
  • The guys were great and explained everything. Took very good care of the fish and left us with the knowledge to take next steps for care of our pond. We will most likely do the service contract. Much better experience than we had with the previous company!

    Tammy V. – Fort Collins
  • My pond is beautiful again! Thank you! I’ll definitely call you for any future service that may be needed.

    Cindy F. - Brighton
  • Repair was done in a timely manner - Mike was very nice and kept me updated. They did a great job at a very reasonable price. Much appreciated Colorado Pond Pros!! Thank you.

    Joe K. - Windsor
  • He did a wonderful job of repairing my old leaking pond which is finally not losing any water today! He was very careful to make it look nice when he put the rocks back and explained how the pumps and filters work. I will recommend him and your company for future work!

    Lori H - Mead
  • Paxton was very careful to tell me exactly when he was going to arrive which was very helpful

    Lori H - Loveland
  • Immediate response and great people inside and out. Looking forward to a long beneficial relationship to make our pond the sanctuary we wanted from the time we built it. One visit, but a class outfit.

    Ren S – Swim pond in Parker
  • I really do like the confidence with which I see in the guys to figure out my problems with this old pond. They get right down to business!

    Sandee T - Westminster
  • Great guys doing great thorough work. Pond was a mess and they made it amazing ! THANK YOU!!

    Tim W - Boulder
  • Explained everything, suggestions to keep a handle on the algae, as well as letting me know I had too many fish for size of our pond, and said that I am overfeeding the fish (which I thought I was). Went through the process they would be taking to c lean the pond. Professional guys and the pond looks great. Also, I appreciated that they listened to my concerns and questions. Will book you again for cleanings.

    DND Property Management - Aurora
  • Everyone is friendly and very competent. They always find a way to fit us into a busy schedule.

    Mike A - Arvada
  • Every aspect was performed beyond expectations. They made recommendations and suggestions we decided to follow. We have used this company for 4 years and this was by far the best experience yet. Will definitely recommend and request the same crew next year.

    Josh R - Westminster
  • CO Pond Pros built us the most beautiful stream. We had issues with the stream two years later and they came out to fix it quickly. Some of the parts were under warranty and got replaced for free. Their staff is amazing, and I highly recommend them.

    Tiffany O. - Littleton
  • Both gents were knowledgeable and willing to explore solutions without a lot of discussion. They could have just left and re-scheduled but they dug in literally to find a solution.
    Thank you, highly recommend!!

    Tom C.
  • Because Kristi was immediately responsive and Mike came out and took care of what we needed and left it looking great.

    Jeff B.- Longmont
  • Appreciate you being able to squeeze me in. Israel and the crew worked hard, built a beautiful waterfall and cleaned up after themselves. I am so pleased with the outcome.

    Nancy P - Firestone
  • Michael and Jay were incredibly friendly and worked very fast to get everything done. They told us everything that we need to know to take care of our pond and we look forward to working with them again! Thanks for the awesome job!

    Hugh H.
  • Colorado Pond Pros exceeded everything I could have expected in servicing my pond. Kristi, Paxton and Kyle are courteous, engaging, and professional, their expertise is beyond reproach. I scheduled a full pond clean out with the installation of an Ion Gen unit to help control algae. Kyle and Paxton not only did an excellent job but went beyond in redistributing some of my stones. They took special care of my Koi and when they were done, my Koi were immediately swimming around enjoying their newly cleaned environment. The cost actually came in under their original bid. I would highly recommend Colorado Pond Pros for all of your pond needs.

    Helen S.
  • We contracted with Pond Pros at the height of landscaping season and expected it'd be a few months before they could install our water feature. Their team arrived almost a full month early and finished the job in 3 days instead of the 4 they predicted. We immediately fell in love with our water feature. Pond Pros heard all our preferences and built a beautiful stream that transforms our backyard into what feels like our personal oasis. A few days after finishing the job, a Pond Pro employee came to check on it and noticed it was losing a bit more water than would be normal for evaporation, etc. It turned out to be a hard-to-find leak, but Pond Pros kept working on it, culminating with owner Mike personally spending hours to diagnose and fix the problem. The system works like a charm now. Pond Pros took good care of us and we're now outside twice as much as we used to be, just so we can ogle at and listen to our wonderful babbling brook.

    Cathy C - Boulder
  • They always keep my pond running well and the water clear.

    Mike Collins -Denver
  • True pros..... Staff is phenomenal to work with... Owner came out a few times and is also a great guy to work with! Would highly recommend this Company!

    Glen T - Longmont
  • Actually on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Mike a 12!

    Bob H - Northglen
  • We hired Colorado Pond Pros to remove the stinky, sludgy, eyesore of a pond that came with our house. They were the best price around and got us on the schedule fast. Their tech, Kyle, arrived on time, was friendly and did a FANTASTIC job cleaning up. Very pleased. Would highly recommend this company. 🙂

    Lindsay M.
  • I hired this company to consult on my pond which was getting out of control with algae this summer requiring tons of work. I've had a pond many years and the old techniques and chemicals were no longer working to maintain it. They came up with a solution and implemented it to clean up the algae and to automate the care of the pond which would also balance the ecosystem. Now it has bacteria delivered on a regular basis requiring 90% less work and almost no chemicals compared to what I did before. I haven't used any algaecide since they did the work. They added many perennial water plants with gravel and automated the bacteria delivery to my pond. From the consultant to the technicians everyone was very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to use them for all my pond needs in the future.

    Melanie B - Thornton
  • Colorado Pond Pros did a revision of my initial back yard water feature. They were professional from start to finish dealing with a tight workspace taking great care not to damage flagstone, stamped driveway, or turf with the excavation equipment. I love my landscaping contractors, but another large pond owner put me onto Co Pond Pros and I'm happy I used a specialist as these ponds aren't just another landscaping project. They are very large aquarium eco systems that should be left to a specialist. They worked to stay on schedule and delivered all contracted line items in a professional courteous manner. Pond owners need to commit to learning the biology and care needs of ponds and Co Pond Pros have that knowledge that other landscaping companies simply do not.

    Jeremy R from Niwot
  • Very skilled and smart company, Use them. There is so much funny business out there when it comes companies and claiming expertise in water falls. They fully understand the workings of how to make a water feature operate. When you speak to them it is obvious how much they know. They were on time, professional and even did a quality check follow up call 3 weeks later. Their work was excellent. Highly recommend.

    Elizabeth P.
  • CO Pond Pros built us the most beautiful stream. We had issues with the stream two years later and they came out to fix it quickly. Some of the parts were under warranty and got replaced for free. Their staff is amazing, and I highly recommend them.

    Tiffany - Littleton
  • Colorado Pond Pros completed my pond and has gone way beyond my expectations! I am in tears because it is so absolutely gorgeous and fulfilled all my dreams of owning a waterfall! Kristi and I had discussed my need for serenity and your "Serenity Waterfall" will give me this every single time I look at it! Your 3 diligent and hard workers went way beyond what I expected, by listening to my vision and creating my own personal serene oasis. Thank you thank you!

    Katherine - Littleton
  • We would never have come up with something so unique! We will be hosting an open house to show off our landscaping to our friends and family.

    Maggie - Loveland
  • I attribute it to great hiring and great management. We sit by our pond and give gratitude at least 5 times a week. It is a place for spiritual renewal, for plain aesthetic pleasure and the sound is so soothing. I think you can tell that we are ecstatic with the entire process and the product. I feel like a personal evangelist/marketing director for Colorado Pond Pros.

    New Pond Owner - Highlands Ranch
  • I have owned 3 ponds in my lifetime. We looked carefully before we chose Colorado Pond Pros to install a new pond. (It actually started as a redo of a small pond). Every now and then we get to run across a business that is incredibly well run. This is that and more. These guys are simply amazing. This is so much more than a pond, it is a work of art. Their attention to tiny details is unlike anything I have seen before. They personify going above and beyond in every way. Their creativity as they installed this masterpiece was evident.

    Peter – Ft. Collins
  • Absolutely excellent work. Our pond looks beautiful.

    Lois P - Lafayette
  • The new waterfall looks great and it seems to work much better than the old one - no leaks.

    Bill Briggs - Boulder
  • Mike and his crew built a fabulous set of waterfalls and a stream that we couldn't be happier with. I would recommend Colorado Pond Pros to anyone interested in hiring an honest, hardworking company to build an awesome water feature.

    Chris – Denver
  • Pond Pros' passion, kindness, expertise, and work ethic is beyond reproach. Paxton and company did everything I could have expected and more. The pond is beautiful again, and my koi are already swimming all around enjoying their home. I have to mention that the work was completed under the initial estimate! Thanks to all of you for your fantastic service.

    Steve & Helen - Westminster
  • Moved into a house last summer with a koi pond with ~15 fish. I know next to nothing about this stuff. Previous owner left a bunch of equipment, filters, treatments etc in garage. After a year, water began getting a little murky and I know the water needs to be changed out and the pond power blasted every year. Called Colorado Pro Ponds. They gave me a fair quote, then came out and took care of everything with care and efficiency. Did a great job with my lilies and trimmed the overgrown bushes hovering over the pond. They answered all my questions and educated me about every aspect I needed. So glad I called them. Will be using them for recurring maintenance. Highly recommended.

    Marc W - Greeley
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