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780 W 84th Ave Thornton, CO 80260

3485 S. Zuni St. Englewood, CO 80110

A-Affordable Transmission is a transmission repair specialist. A expert level, local transmission rebuild specialist, aimed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.  They deliver quality rebuilt transmission services, with pricing, customer service and workmanship second to none. They always perform the transmission inspection on the vehicle at no charge. Written transmission estimates and up front transmission pricing are provided before any work is performed. Never a hassle or obligation if transmission repairs are not performed. All rebuilt transmissions are done in house, the transmission overhaul is performed on your original transmission. PRIDE in their work. QUICK, CLEAN, HONEST. THEY SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS, DOMESTIC AND IMPORT

They re-use the good transmission parts and only replace what is needed. These procedures directly provide the customer with big savings on transmission rebuild cost compared to a sub-contractor replacing transmissions with an exchange transmission likely purchased and marked up from an out of state transmission remanufacture. Transmissions, Transfer Case, Clutch and Differentials is all they have done for life. You will never see their specialists working on anything other than Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Clutches and Differentials. At A-Affordable Transmission they practice what they know and don't pretend to be something they’re not. In business since 1979 you can rest assure they will be here for you if a transmission problem should occur. They are the Transmission Experts you can count on. Always a friendly transmission mechanic and professional transmission mechanic, give them a call now for a no hassle, no obligation insight on your transmission repair needs.

Services Offered:

  • Transmission (Rebuild, repair, Overhaul)
  • Transfer Case
  • Clutch
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • Differential Needs

Google Reviews

A-Affordable Transmissions Center Rating: 4.8

Josh S

Dec 05, 2020
These guys are great! Very reasonable prices, clear explanation of work needed/done, and quick turn around time. I had my van back in 3 […]


Oct 29, 2020
Take your car here. If you have any transmission, or gearbox issues this is the absolute best transmission shop you will find in Denver. […]

Blake Miller

Oct 15, 2020
Great customer service. Great work. Great price. Guy at the front was super knowledgeable and explained everything to me in detail when I picked […]

Dev Fo

Feb 19, 2020
This shop is one of the best and one of the most honest shops I have ever delt with. If or when I have […]

Melissa Barnes

Aug 11, 2020
Devin was great to work with and did a wonderful job with keeping me updated on the progress. Not only that, but I was […]

50 Recommendations

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This past February 2019 the transmission in my vehicle failed me in traffic on Interstate 70. Fortunately traffic was moving slowly due to falling snow. I was able to work my way to the shoulder where I then waited for a tow truck. When I got home I browsed the internet for transmission repair shops and found A-Affordable Transmissions on the Team Dave Logan web site. After reading many positive reviews for this repair shop I called them to schedule an appointment for service. I spoke with Randy and explained what had happened and he got me into the shop the next day. A couple days later I had my vehicle back. When I left the shop Randy said to return in two weeks for a complementary follow up. When I returned in two weeks I told Randy my vehicle was not shifting well. They immediately took it back into the shop and tore into the transmission to find out what had gone wrong. What they discovered was a component they had replaced had failed. Within a day the guys at A-Affordable Transmission replaced the defective component and gave my vehicle back to me. I was not happy that a new component had failed but I understand these things can happen and I was pleased with how quickly they corrected the problem.
I just had my second two week complementary check of the transmission repair and all is good. Randy told me he’d like to check the transmission again in 90 days just because there was an out-of-box failure in the first two weeks. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about A-Affordable Transmissions and strongly recommend them. Randy is terrific to work with and my transmission is working great.

Kevin Klimek

I generally work on my own vehicles but after replacing the engine in my 4runner I really wasn’t looking forward to tackling its transmission. Took it to these guys late in the afternoon and before the end of the day they had it out and apart and let me know what was worn and needed replacement, what was still ok. Long story short I had them do a full rebuild and it was cheaper than the Toyota dealer by far and it’s running great. Any transmission issues my friends or neighbors have I refer them here. Great job folks at affordable transmission.

Nicholas Doctor

I didn't even have an appointment, they called me in an hour to tell me the problem, had it done in 3 hours. My car is running great and inexpensive! Great experience!

Bernadette Maestas

The guys over at Affordable Transmission are excellent, hands down. I was having problems with my transmission. I took my car into another shop first, and they told me I needed a new transmission and the price to fix it equaled just about the trade in value of my entire car. They charged me just to take a look at it. I went online and read all the great reviews about Affordable transmission so I took my car to their 84th St. location for a second opinion. Randall answered the phone immediately, let me drop it off within the next hour, and personally called me back two hours later with a diagnosis. They could fix it for a quarter of the price of the other place and went into great detail with me about the problem and how they had diagnosed it. Also, free diagnosis, no charge! Bottom line - Excellent service, honest, friendly people, that truly seem like they care and want to help you out. There are so many shady mechanic shops out there and this definitely IS NOT one of them. Can't say it any better than that and I will be returning here with all my cars forever!

Tracy Bordwell

Great Service! Handled everything and got the work done through my warranty. Would highly recommend taking your vehicle here.

Jesse Jenks-Kline

I brought my 2008 VW Passat with over 150,000 miles on it here. Randall and Devin provided honest customer service. Randall offered different solutions and made me feel comfortable. The repair was quick and my car runs great. When people love what they do it shows. Thanks again.

Tammy Tafoya

I called A-Affordable Transmission for a quote on my car after I had called other places and I LOVED the honest and helpful feedback from Randal. This is definitely the kind of place that deserves your business. Randal offered me advice to check my transmission and make sure I need a new one before even trying to sell me a new one like the other shops did! They care about your business and they will definitely be receiving referrals from me in the future!

Noe Ceja

So I had just bought a new car and the Transmission Temp light went on as we were on our way to the hospital. I was scared that I had just bought a lemon so the next morning I looked through yelp to check out transmission places and found this one close to where I live. So I called in and was impressed with the customer service went in and dropped the car of they said it would be ready in 3-5 hours and was impressed they were done in less than 2 hrs! When I went in to pick up. I felt confident that my car was taken care of. He explained everything so well and assured us of the problem the car had. Very knowledgeable!! Overall the experience was great and easy! A+++

Claudia V.

I was getting a chirp sound from my vehicle and these guys fixed it! It did take them a few tries at it but they made it right with me and they fixed it! I can't say enough how happy I am with them, they stood behind their work. It is hard to find a shop you can trust these days. I will definitely come back for any drive train work I need done, I highly recommend them!

Zack P.

It has been a couple of years now, maybe even three that I had my older Mercedes transmission rebuilt there. I did not find a single good place in Boulder where I live that could give me a good answer and not kill my financial future. Anyway, they were pleasant to deal with and from the new owner of the car I know that the transmission has been great ever since the rebuilt (he does drive twice the national average in miles). I do consider myself a car guy (I am a firetruck mechanic) and highly recommend this business for your transmission repairs.

Ron B.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Very honest, high integrity, kept the price at what they quoted, very knowledgeable.

James D.

These guys were great! We were hit with a $3500 repair estimate from a dealer when we tried to trade our 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and decided to take it in for a second opinion. They had me in and out in 30 minutes with an assessment and quote for the repairs, which happened to be nowhere near the ridiculous amount the dealer told us. We only have one car so coordinating a day without the only family vehicle was tricky but they were super flexible and fast one we could find a day, getting us in right away. Now it's like having a new car, I don't think my fiancé will even let us trade it in anymore! 🙂 Definitely recommend them for their honesty, professionalism, kindness, and speed!!

Moira H.

Everyone worries about spending lots of $$ on auto repairs and something not working when it's all said and done these guys stand by their work and are fixing my transmission right now 1 week after being rebuilt because it wasn't working perfect. I brought my truck in with my transmission not shifting and 156k miles on it. Of course it was toast and needed rebuilt. I was referred by Willie B on KBPI (Thanks!) They got it done while I was away for the holidays! Great guys kept me in the loop. Once the snow stopped long enough to drive on a dry road it still didn't shift right so I took it in, they drove it diagnosed it and are fixing it right now, no questions asked. Nothing but good to say and I got a great deal on the rebuild! I will recommend you to friends and family in the future!

Shanon S.

Randall and his team are first class in customer service. These guys really know what they’re doing and are very fair with pricing. I originally went to the dealership and they wanted over $6K for a replacement of my transmission and radiator. Randall and his team diagnosed my vehicle and saved me over $5k and fixed my transmission. Truck runs great now thanks to this great company!!

Jason M.

To say they have excellent customer service is almost an understatement! I had both my work van and personal van transmissions done here and both are going strong and the price is right, but the customer service truly takes the cake.

Amanda M.

These guys are great. Have over 100 trucks in our fleet and whenever we have a transmission problem we go here. Good Prices, Good work and always seem to remember me. Always repair everything fast.

Ken L.

Randall and Ron were friendly from the first phone call, where I was informed it was Free to have my car's transmission looked at. I took my car in and it turns out I was low on fluids which they kindly filled no charge. No need for a transmission just yet but greatly appreciate their help and looking over my car.

May B.

Amazing customer service. Honest & down to earth team that competently did work on the rear diff of my '98 Jeep Cherokee. SO SO SO much better to work with than egocentric Western Drivetrain. Plus I got a cash discount!

Spence F.

You will not find a more honest transmission shop. I brought my elderly mothers car to them and I was sure it was a bad transmission. I expected to pay somewhere between $1,500 - $2,000. They determined it was an electrical issue and fixed that for under $400.00 including changing the tranny fluid. Thank you!!

Corbin S.

We were told we need to pay 2500 for a new transmission at one shop then this place gave us a much better price, and were honest enough to tell us it wasn’t even bad once we dropped it off and they checked it out and didn't charge us so this place is awesome and super friendly!


They did such a great job with my car. Randal and Ron were willing to help me 100% of the way. They both kept in contact with the whole time.

Megan Wright

I dropped of my 2002 F350 at the end of the day on a Monday, had my truck back middle of the day Thursday. This shop rocks! Pricing for the work done was unbeatable. This is now my go to shop for our company fleet.

Travis Bell

Just wanted to say that I took my 79 Jeep Wagoneer in to the guys and they did such an awesome job on the transmission that I forgot how much fun it was to drive it. 3 times more power than how it was before I can actually pass someone now! Randal was super awesome with all the calls and updates. The jeep went in and the turnaround was really quick also the complete rebuild was super affordable. I have nothing but good appraisal rates for these guys. Very courteous very professional. Highly recommendable!

Grady Barker

I have done business with these gentlemen for about 12 years. The guys are honest and dependable. The team works together to ensure they are timely with your repair. I have been treated fairly and honestly with pricing and repairs. I know where I will return to when I need a tranny shop.

Don LaGuardia

This shop is one of the best and one of the most honest shops I have ever dealt with. If or when I have a problem with my truck which hasn't been transmission problems ever sense they fixed it I can ask them and they are always willing to help me with whatever the problem is very good shop and would send anyone of my family members to these guys thanks guys at the shop off Zuni and a-affordable transmission are always there when needed thank you.

Dev Fo

Great guys! Great customer service! I'll definitely be back!

Jamie Horton

One the 28th of February I HAD TO make it to work and by the grace of God I did! But as I pulled into the parking lot at the place of my employment my poor Crown Vic did not move another inch. What a blessing. As the day went on (the 28th) I cared not much about my cat for we had a huge end of the month push underway. As the day came to a close I receive a call from a wonderful woman, her name was Lynn. He must have been watching out for me because I still cannot remember why she called the store but I got to tell my story that I had just barely made it to work. She asked what type of vehicle I had and then she recommended Affordable Transmissions because she it was just their type of vehicle that they really had a passion for fixing. THANK YOU LYNN from Best Auto Broker! I took the next day off and had my vehicle towed over to the Zuni Location. My first point of contact was Randall and he quoted me fairly and seemed like he really cared and He Did! Upon arriving at the shop off of Zuni I was welcomed by Ron and he indicated that they were on it! I didn't live too far away so instead of lyfting or ubering it home Ron professionalism shown through. He had Darin give me a quick ride home, Thank You Darin!! I took the bus to work the next day and midafternoon I got a call that my vehicle was ready to go! I was blown away and thanked God that I had my baby back. Now all you that have taken the time to read this review this far please do not get the idea that this will always happen. I took a lyft to get my car and Ron immediately introduced me to Dan, who is truly "THE MAN". He showed me all that was wrong with my interceptor and it did seem he really enjoyed rebuilding my transmission and his years of experience were obvious!! Very thankful and blessed to find this business I WOULD CERTAINLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!One last Thank YOU Affordable Transmission for keeping it real and doing EVERYTHING your web site indicates you guys do and stand behind!! I'm cruising by today to get a checkup and to thank them again! Have a Blessed Day Gentlemen!

Edward Wahlberg

This shop is the place to go with your transmission problems...the mechanics here are eager to help. They are professional, reliable, and very affordable. Randall and his team are great!!! Thanks!!!

Nicole Newman

These guys know the value of a dollar. I have used Affordable for 3 of my own transmission builds, plus several other customers’ transmissions. I recommend them to all my personal friends for all there fixes and upgrades as well. I have never had a problem and I trust them. Wish all my car builds could go as easy. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Cheatham

These guys are the best in the business. They build me a bullet proof transmission with a 3500 stall torque converter to put behind my 383 stoker. I tore up the OEM transmission and wasn't sure what to do. They went over my options with me, and needless to say, I couldn't be Happier with the performance and the quality of work. Highly recommend!!

Matt Mccally

Randall and the guys are excellent! The price is right! They were polite respectful and courteous! Thank guys!!

Stephanie Leschen

Randall is a stand-up guy best experience I have had dealing with mechanic shop went above and beyond fixing my jeep light speed fast will not go to another transmission shop again they have my business for life.

Eric Gillam

Thank you Afforadable Transmissions. Your company has fixed over 4 transmissions & done great. I'm more than happy w the work. I send all of my family & friends there, knowing they will be treated right. Thank you again. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Norbert Gonzales

Ron and Randall are hands down the nicest most professional businessmen with outstanding customer service. I have had multiple transmissions serviced and built by these guys and would never even consider going elsewhere. I have been doing business with them since 2004. It is my go to business card when someone asks me for a transmission referral. My neighbors, in laws, and friends have all been super pleased with Ron and Randal and quality of work performed. The company I work for has even changed to A Affordable Transmission for company vehicle service and repairs. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

Kirk Reed

I took my first vehicle to Ron and Randall in 2005. And I have not and will not use anyone else again. The attention to detail and the customer service is just Superior to any mechanics I've ever met. Everyone I have referred them to has been treated with professionalism. These guys are excellent at what they do! Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the three words that come to my mind when I think of them. They just rebuilt my transmission in my truck in four days and gave it back to me 2 days before Christmas when I told them I couldn't pay for it until mid-January due to Christmas. I get a call from Ron and he tells me to come pick up my vehicle it's done and there's no charge. He knows things are rough on me right now with my kids any tells me he just wants to give back. Wow who does that? Obviously they do I just can't say enough about these people. So I tried to go in and pay them anyway today and Ron would not accept the money, I just don't know what else to say thank you very much Ron.

Charles McLaughlin

Wow! These gentleman really took their time in listening to what was going on and quickly and properly diagnosing. They were honest and good to me. My family has always gone here and had nothing but the best experience. I would never take my car anywhere else moving forward. It was a small problem, and he even invited me back next week just to make sure no leaks arise. Again, never going anywhere else. Thanks Affordable transmission for your honest and great work!

Erin Stene

I honestly have never experienced such high quality customer service from any shop, until I met these guys. Randall, and Ron are very easy to work with. They take pride in their customers. They called me each time there was something new they could tell me. They explained in very good detail the whole process for me. They even reached out to me a few days after I brought my jeep back home to make sure it was still running and hadn't ran into any problems. I would recommend this shop to the world. Very Timely, and considerate. Thanks again guys!

Tim Turner

These guys are so awesome, they actually sent a mechanic to my house to help me put back my transmission. Who does that anymore? Nobody is this helpful or kind these days. They will always have a customer for life and I will tell everybody about them. God Bless Affordable Transmission and there staff.


Got in a big bind with my transmission on my Audi a6 2.7T. Randy and his mechanics were very helpful in fixing my situation and getting me the best price possible to fix my car and get me back on the road! Very great speedy service and kept their word in everything they did for me including the warranty! Thanks guys so much I appreciate it! Would recommend them for any transmission problem you have! They rocked it!

Tayza K.

This firm is top notch in expertise and customer service.

Another place recommended a $5,000 complete transmission overhaul for my Ford Explorer. This sounded expensive and unnecessary to me given the minor transmission problems I was noticing.

A-Affordable Transmissions did a FREE diagnostic noting two minor problems. It took less than an hour, and they called me back right away. They then said they would not work on the car at all until I got a transmission software update from the Ford dealer (only $125) as they said this would most likely fix the small problems revealed by the diagnostic. They printed out and gave me the applicable service bulletins to show to the Ford dealer. I did the software update and it has taken care of the problems.

A-Affordable transmissions saved me thousands of dollars. Even though I did not spend a penny with them, they called me back to see if indeed the software update had solved the problems.

I highly recommend them.

Peter L.

I would for sure recommend taking your car in here. My 2005 Mazda 3 has 147K Miles on it. Randal was very knowledgeable and very quick, the day he got the parts in he was able to have it done. About a month later my Transmission had a leak so i took it back. He was able to get it fixed the same day and under the warranty! Thank you so much for all of your help and professionalism.

Nick C.

Weeks ago, the used Jetta I'd bought 2 months before started having problems shifting when the engine was cold, particularly on cold mornings. I took it to two other shops, both told me I needed a new transmission... Yikes. I found Randall at A-Affordable when I was calling around getting quotes for a rebuilt transmission. I called at least 5 well-rated, local places and none of them asked me any further questions about my problem. Randall immediately wanted to know why the problem only occurred when cold. He offered to check it over for free. Not to mention, his company has a great rating with BBB, a good warranty and the most flexible (and cheapest) quotes of the places I'd called. I dropped off the car on my day off with no notice and told him to keep it as long as he needed.
Randall kept me updated every day of my repair. He admitted my problem had him puzzled, because everything on the car looked good. He even called in a friend who specializes in European cars to make sure he wasn't missing anything. End result? He changed my transmission fluid (which was desperately needed) and sent me home to drive on it a few days to see if it fixes my problem... No charge until we know it's fixed. When I first called him, I was ready to have to spend $3k getting it rebuilt! And even if it does end up needing a rebuild, he's getting my business. And any other business I could send his way. Honest, no-nonsense, and most importantly, he cares about fixing your problem.

Amy T.

Guys were the best--attention to detail, called in morning and picked up truck in afternoon. Electronic diagnoses, road diagnoses, and good old look inside to see for sure its going to be fixed right. Expected to pay $350 or more----$140 with team Logan discount and couldn't be happier with job.. Neal


These guys are the best, I had a problem with my tranny, it was slipping gears and I brought my car to them to take a look at it and all they had to do was adjust my throttle pressure and it didn't COST me 1 Penny and it only took them 1 hour and a half to do the work..... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TAKING YOUR CAR HERE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. THANKS GUYS

Google Review

I live in Lakewood, co, but after going to a couple of other Lakewood shops, I'm glad I came to this one. My Durango transmission started slipping like crazy. Instead a new one, it turns out that it actually just needed a solenoid replaced...something or other about a fail-safe computer mode. Anyway, saved me a ton of money. Thanks!

Google Review

Thought my transmission was slipping, and they looked at it for no charge. Staff was friendly. I would definitely recommend A Affordable transmissions to friends and family.

Google Review

Over a year ago, I had my 93 minivan towed to A-Affordable transmission, as it quit on me. The guys at Affordable got me back on the road in a couple of days, during which time i enjoyed their discount rate for a rental car. Nearly a year later the transmission gave out on me again. Another tow to affordable, where i was told the car was over the warranty miles by 26000 miles but even though it was they said that they wanted to make it right because it was less then a year since the transmission was repaired. I tried hard to hide my disbelief at their statement, but when they finished the job, Randall handed me my keys and said " we want to do right by our customers." No bill, no hassle, just a good day, sir. I wanted everyone to hear about an outfit that really stands behind their work. Thank you.


Randall and his crew are absolutely amazing they really helped me out on my S-10 with the front differential and axle issues. These guys are awesome and worked really hard to pinpoint my truck's issues and get me fixed and back on the road. I would highly recommend them to anyone for work to be done and will forever praise them for the excellent work quality and service they gave!

Kyle Daniels

Randal and his crew have been nothing but helpful. In November 11, we took my explorer in because the o/d light kept coming on for no reason. We figured it would be the transmission, and were terrified of the impending cost. Not only was the cost reasonable, the work is under a 12 month warranty, which turned out to be incredibly useful. We have had to take the Explorer back 5-6 times now because the transmission kept acting up. A few replaced solenoids and hours of labour later, we have still not been charged any additional money. Most recently, the trans really went to crap because a part had broken off, they have had it for 2 weeks and we have still not been charged a dime. They noticed that another part was about to crap out as they finished the second rebuild on the transmission, and repaired it for free because of the inconvenience of us not having this vehicle. Its annoying to have so many things wrong with your car/truck, but its almost unheard of these days to come across a company who really stands behind their work and goes above and beyond for their customers. Anyone who needs transmission work done, should absolutely use this shop.

Honey Clemons

I took my 2000 Durango to the dealership to address a couple of problems as well as have recommended maintenance done. I then took the list to the guys at Affordable and was surprised by the difference in opinion between the two. Randall, Ron and all the guys gave a fair and straight forward estimate on what needed to be done now, and some things that I might be able to live with. The work was done correctly and on time. Caring service and quality work that exceeded my expectations are why I am a repeat customer at Affordable.

Mike C.




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