Winterize Your Home For $200 Or Less

by Dave Logan


Home winterizing is a “hot” topic this time of year. And an important one. There are many intelligent items on the “how to prepare for winter checklist,” but a lot of them are expensive. Don’t get me wrong: they’re worth the money. But today let’s discuss a few items we can get done on a shoestring budget, maximize our energy efficiency (and savings), and stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter. All for $200 or less. Let’s start at the low end, shall we?

For $100 or less…  Buy a caulking gun for $10-$15 and a handful of caulk. Expect to pay between $5 and $8 for the caulk itself. This will allow you to seal up drafty doors and windows. The best solution is to pull off the actual window/door molding and seal the gaps around the insulation.  

Cost: $35-$55.  Install a programmable thermostat. You will save money and be much more comfortable in your home. Period.

Cost: $50-$100 (for a good one). • Buy (at least) two rolls (17’ each) of weatherstripping for your windows.

Cost: $5 per roll.  Buy a plastic window insulating kit for at least five of your windows.

Cost: $20  Replace your furnace filter every three months.

Cost: $10. Buy three to five threshold sweeps for your drafty door bottoms.

Cost: $15 each, or $75. Buy a chimney balloon to prevent heat escaping through your fireplace and out of the chimney.

Cost: $50. For $200 or less… Have an energy audit performed in your home before the cold winter months arrive. The audit is a great use of your budget because it tells you how efficient your heating/air system is, where the insulation problems are, water heater and pipe condition, etc. And don’t forget that nowadays many winterization home improvements are tax deductible when it comes to energy efficiency!

Cost: $150-$200.

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