Winter Tree Care

Give your trees a little TLC during these chilly months...


Everyone loves a big shady tree on a hot summer day. But now that the temperature is starting to hover around freezing, it's hard to remember these same trees still need some love.

Following these important tree tips will allow your trees to thrive come spring:

Prune: Pruning trees will help the tree grow more in the spring. Cutting back your branches will help prevent the spread of disease.  Pruning also helps lower the risk of branches breaking off during a big snow storm.

Fertilize:  Just like you, trees need to eat to be healthy.  Although they can get many nutrients from the ground, it is still important to feed them.

Water:  Don't let the cold weather trick you. It's still important to water your trees during dry spells, even if the temperature is keeping you bundled up.

Handle With Care: Don't shake limbs to try to remove snow or ice. Plants are generally flexible enough to withstand the accumulation of snow and ice. Shaking limbs can cause irreversible damage by snapping the branches.