Why is proper insulation important during Summer?

Home Insulation Installation
If this week’s 90+ temperatures are any indication, we’re in for a doozy of a hot summer in Denver this year. And while air conditioning can be a technological blessing, what isn’t so great is how much money AC can add to your power bill.

So what’s a overheated homeowner to do? Invest in an indoor swimming pool? Leave your freezer door open 24-7? Spend all day in a bathtub full of icepacks?

This may seem like a counter-intuitive idea but proper, wall, attic and crawlspace insulation can actually keep your home cooler during our hot summer days in the Denver area. But how does it actually work?

Insulation is a what is called a thermal barrier meaning it can slow and stop the movement of heat to and from your home. This is why during the winter months, proper insulation can keep your home nice and warm - because the heat generated in your home has more difficulty escaping to the outside.

And because it’s a thermal barrier, the opposite is also true. Since the convection and conduction of heat is interrupted, it becomes harder for hot air from the outside to find its way into your home. This interruption of the heat from the outside naturally keeps your home cooler and eliminates some of the need to use air conditioning.

Proper attic insulation tends to take precedence when it comes to naturally cooling your home. The poor ventilation and constant exposure to the sun means that if your attic is not properly insulated, the heat will creep into your home, raising the temperature throughout. The U.S. Department of Energy even states that proper attic insulation can help save your 20 percent on your home’s cooling costs.

So if you’re finding yourself racking-up your power bill in an attempt to stay a little cooler as we approach 100 degrees, you might want to consider checking out one of TeamDaveLogan.com’s trusted Insulation Contractors to make sure the heat is staying out of your home this summer!

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