Maintenance For The Malodorous: How To Manage Your Septic Tank

by Dave Logan


The sole purpose of your septic system is to transport all household wastes to a holding tank for treatment. Sounds simple enough, but improper maintenance of your septic system could result in some very unwanted problems. Your sewer line initially delivers all waste to a septic tank buried near your home. The solids settle to the bottom of the tank where microorganisms get rid of it. Waste fluids flow to distribution boxes that then discharge it through pipes in a drain field. Your septic tank needs to be pumped as necessary to rid it of collected solid wastes.

So how often do you need to have your septic tank pumped? In short, it depends on how large your septic tank is and how many people occupy your home. A small family of two can typically go about five years before needing to have the tank pumped. However, a large household of 5 or more (using a tank of about 2000 gallons) should have their septic tank pumped about every 2-3 years. We recommend contacting your plumber to guide you with this decision. They may want to come out annually and check your water levels. Given the importance of keeping your septic system well maintained, trusting your plumber is always the best idea!

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