Looking For A New Bathtub For Your Home?

by Dave Logan


The bathtub is a very important feature when it comes to the overall design and perception of your bathroom. Before you rush out to buy a new tub, take some time to consider what your family wants most: ist it quick, regular showers? Long, relaxing baths? Both? A few considerations come into play here, so give it a little thought before making your new purchase and moving forward with installation.

A Few Considerations First of all, where are you installing the new tub? A Standard 50-gallon bathtub that measures 5’ long by 30” wide isn’t very challenging to get to your bathroom on the second floor. However, if you’re buying a luxury whirlpool or bath, you may have to look into other options: removing a second-floor window, for example. If you don’t have a window option, look for bathtubs that come in multiple pieces. This way you can get the tub up the stairs and assemble it on site.

Bathtubs that don’t have enclosures come with either a left-end apron or a right-end apron. This is dictated by faucet placement. A safe route is to buy a bathtub with a reversible option so it works no matter what.

Your water heater, existing plumbing, and floor strength are every bit as critical as your bathtub selection. If you have smaller, half-inch water pipes, filling your giant luxury tub may prove to be more time-consuming than you want. Three-quarter inch pipes will do the trick for a big, deep tub. Also, a smaller water tank won’t give you the satisfaction of nice, hot water in a big tub! If you are looking to buy a bathtub with 80 or more gallons of water, you need a water heater with about a 75-gallon water capacity. You may consider purchasing an inline heater as a solution, however. This will ensure you have a consistent, hot water temperature throughout your bath. Finally, make sure your floor can handle a large (or luxury) bathtub. Most modern homes can handle the weight; if you are in an older home, floor joists may be required.

As always, consult a professional contractor for help. You want to make sure the job is done right!

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