LOCAL MATTERS: What’s the Best Roofing Option for Your Colorado Home?

by Dave Logan


Choosing the right type of roof for your home is important. Many factors influence such a decision, and today we’re going to look at a few options. Aesthetics in color and style, insulation qualities, and durability are just a few considerations. In Colorado, weather extremes are a reality, so we need to be acutely aware of this when it’s time to take on that new roofing project.

The most common type of roof in Colorado is the asphalt shingle. They are available in virtually every color scheme and pattern. The primary reason the asphalt shingle is the most popular is because they are the most affordable for home owners. You should choose an asphalt shingle with a lifespan of at least 15 years if you go with this option, and the longer the lifespan the higher the price.

Metal roofing is a lot more popular here in Colorado primiarly because of the potential for heavy snowfall and moisture, especially in the mountains and higher altitudes. This type of roof is very easy to maintain, is totally waterproof, and you won’t have any problems with mold (which can be the case with asphalt). You will, however, be much more restricted on color choice, but the weather out here in Colorado makes metal option a sound consideration.

Slate roofs are becoming more and more popular because they are both aesthetically impressive and extremely durable. However, they are also very expensive. If budget permits, definitely look into this option.

Another impressive but less practical option for a Colorado roof is Spanish tile. Southwest styles are somewhat popular in Colorado, so you will see these roofs from time to time. In our opinion, this isn’t the ideal option for Colorado because tile isn’t as durable and is quite expensive. Further, you will obviously want to match your roof to the style of your home, so this could elimate Spanish tile altogether as one of your options.

Our final option for today is wood shingles. Ultimately, this is one you may want to simply avoid for your Colorado home. Wood shingles offer a very attractive look but not much else. They’re expensive to buy and install. Many insurance companies will charge significantly more to go this route, and there are asphalt shingles today that accomplish the look of wood right along with the lifespan and durability you need for our high-altitude climate.

Take a little time to look into your options and weigh them against your budget and geography. Make sure your choice is prioritized around leak prevention and durability. Color scheme and patterns will be an obvious consideration based on your home’s style. Finally, hire a great roofing contractor to consult and help you get the job done right.

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