Local Matters: Colorado Landscaping Rock/Apline gardens

by Dave Logan


One great thing about living in Colorado is that we are blessed with an unlimited supply of rocks! So instead of ignoring them or even getting rid of them, why not make good use of them this spring for a cool Colorado landscaping project? Beautiful rock gardens, for example, can be created in multiple ways. ¨A very popular style is to take several large boulders and bury them a third to halfway in the ground and pack them to your heart’s content with native flowers, trees, and bushes. Plants and flowers that are low-growing and display clumping habits tend to work the best. The style of your Colorado rock garden is only limited by your imagination and budget. The best-suited plants in most cases for rock gardens in Colorado are perennials. There are also several annuals that fit wonderfully with this type of Colorado landscape design. A few examples are: red, white, and pink dianthus. This particular annual is in the carnation family and spreads in clumps, which again works tremendously well in rock gardens. Other terrific native plants and flowers include portulaca, vinca, Gaillardia, and Allysum.

Check out Colorado State University’s Rock Garden Plant recommendations for a comprehensive list of plant and flower options. Our advice is to find as many flashy flowers as you possibly can for a sensational and personalized Colorado rock garden! Given a project like this can be quite complex, it never hurts to consult a contract landscaping professional for design ideas, proper drainage questions, and materials needed to bring your Colorado rock garden to life.  

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