Local Matters and Mother’s Day! Roses for Colorado

by Dave Logan


This is the perfect weekend to get out in the yard with your mom and plant some roses! Roses are a beautiful flower and can easily flourish here in Colorado. Many types of roses will bloom all summer. Roses can be more challenging to grow correctly, but this is a challenge you and mom can have fun with this Mother's Day weekend.

Our Colorado climate ranges from moderate (for the most part) in Denver to very cold in the mountains. Temperatures can literally go from super hot to freezing overnight. Here in Colorado, we also experience high winds, hard soils, and mixed seasons. The good news is that we also get 300+ days of sunshine per year and minimal pest problems due to our dry climate.

By taking special care when choosing where to plant your roses, all challenges can be overcome. Choose a site that gets a minimum of six hours sunlight per day and is shielded from wind. You will also need to pick a planting site that has access to consistent water. Plan on giving your roses about an inch of deep watering per week. It’s important to avoid planting your roses against the south or west side of a structure, as reflected heat can burn the flowers in the summer. Regardless of the type of soil you are working with, however, use a one-third portion of organic compost to two thirds of your existing soil and plant your roses about a foot deep.

Popular rose choices are the grandiflora, hybrid tea, or floribunda. These are beautiful rose flowers and you can protect them in the winter by applying 6-12” of compost around the crown of the plant. This will protect the roots and graft union. The graft itself should be at or just below the soil surface. You might also consider Canadian roses. These roses are hardy enough to grow in mountain climates like Colorado.

Whatever you decide on, roses make a beautiful addition to any landscape, and the weather this weekend should be perfect for you and mom to get out in the yard together.

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