Lighten Up the Situation

Lighting upgrades for your home
If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your home, lighting should not be overlooked. Swapping out your old switch with a new face plate can be a quick and simple upgrade. But if you are looking to do a little more, here are a few ideas and helpful tips:
  • Add a Dimmer - Dimmed lighting can add a lot to a room. Dimmers have come a long way in the past couple decades and most are now sliding switches instead of the old turn knobs.
  • Switch to Timers - Timer switches are great for those who are bad about turning off the lights or for those who want a little more security. These switches can add security by being programmed to turn on and off at certain times (great for when you are traveling!).
  • Motion Sensors - Motion detector switches turn lights on when someone enters the room and will turn off when no motion is detected. This type of switch is especially great for families with little ones who aren't tall enough to reach the light switch.
Although most of these types of switches come with directions, not everyone feels comfortable cutting the power and checking connections. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, click here to find a prescreened electrician who can make these switch swaps for you!