Kitchen Facelift? Affordable, Simple Backsplash Ideas

by Dave Logan


When it’s cold outside, interior home projects are attractive. Today, we’ll discuss some affordable and simple backsplash ideas to spruce up the look of your kitchen. These are all relatively simple do-it-yourself projects that can be fun and breathe some new life into your kitchen.

Just Paint It. The first, most obvious backsplash idea is to simply paint the area. Dark paint, light paint, matching paint, contrasting paint, textured paint – the choices are endless. Paint is very affordable, and if you don’t like it after a while, guess what? You can paint it again! Choose a high-quality paint so you can easily clean it and it’s durable. I recommend a semi-gloss or high-gloss, not flat or eggshell.

Knock on…ceramic? Tile that is. Ceramic tile does require a little bit of specialized equipment, but overall it offers a very simple installation procedure. Grab some ready-mix mastic and some 4”x4” tiles for the easiest solution. You can play around with different ceramic colors, too, which gives your backsplash a personalized appeal. Plan on spending no more than a weekend on this project (depending of course on the size of your backsplash area).

Heavy Metal. And by that, I mean super lightweight metal backsplash panels. These panels are very aesthetically pleasing (variety of designs) and even come in kits for easy installation. The common metals used for kitchen backsplash areas are steel, copper, and tin. A stylish choice indeed, and they also hold up very well in an active kitchen environment.

Put a cork in it. This is one of my favorites. A very creative and easy idea is the use of cork tiles for your kitchen backsplash. The beauty is in their simplicity. You can buy tiles with adhesive backing so all you have to do is cut the cork tiles to whatever size and shape you want and stick them to the area. Another great thing about cork is that you can stain it any color in the rainbow. Cork is naturally water resistant, so again, another fine material for use as a kitchen backsplash. For uniqueness, style, texture, and practicality, cork is tough to beat.

Now get to work! It’s too cold to do anything outside anyway.

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