Keep your Denver Home Spider-Free this Summer

Spider web for Denver Pest Control

While it is a fact that spiders are a necessary part of the ecosystem and a natural means of keeping the insect population under control, they are creepy and gross.

That opinion may be less of a scientifically objective and more emotional, but it’s one that many folks in Denver share; made worse by what seems like Denver homes getting overrun with spiders this summer. If your home or garden is currently spider-central you might want to call a Denver pest control contractor. If you’re currently more-or-less spider free, here are some tips and tricks to keep these creepy-crawlies out of your home:


Block Off Access Points:

Spiders are only able to get into your Denver home because you’ve unwittingly given them access. To ensure that spiders can’t get into you home you’ll need to make sure that your house is thoroughly sealed. It is important to remember that spiders can fit through incredibly tiny holes, so that means any gaps around doors, windows, plumbing or electrical entry points are a potential entrance for spiders. The simplest way to resolve these tiny spider doors is to use caulk and block them off. However, if you’re living in an older home, it’s likely you may have far more access points than you realize.

Other likely culprits for letting spiders into your home are gaps under your doors and window screens that are past their prime. These issues thankfully don’t require you to crawl around your home armed with a caulk gun. Instead, simply installing a draft excluder under your door and installing new window screens will do the trick. The draft excluder also has the added bonus of helping to keep the cool air in your home and the hot air out during the summer.


Keep Things Tidy

Keeping your house clean isn’t just a good idea for aesthetic purposes, it can also help in keeping your home spider free!  If you’re not leaving piles of stuff around your home that means spiders will have fewer places to hide. It’s also not a bad idea to do your due-diligence of removing spiderwebs and vacuuming up spider eggs.

It’s also important to clean up around the outside of your home as well. Shrubs and plants are perfect homes for spiders so by trimming down some of your foliage, you’re minimizing where they can take residence. Also, much like inside your home, try to knock down any spiderwebs you see cropping up around your home’s exterior.

By just doing a little bit of routine maintenance in and around your home, you can drastically decrease the chances of spiders showing up in your home and spooking you.  But if they have already taken residence in your home and you’re need of some professional spider slayers, is proud to work with a great selection of Denver pest control contractors that can help make your home arachnid free!


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