It's Summer. Have A Party!

by Dave Logan


Summertime and warm weather make me think of one thing: an outdoor party! If you’re like me, nothing beats sharing the beautiful weather with friends, family, great food, and drinks. The flowers are blooming, the nights are warm, and the smell of freshly cut grass radiates throughout the neighborhood. Here are five outdoor party tips to help you prepare for your first party this summer.

1. Get set up. Mow the yard, sweep off dust/dirt/debris from the deck or patio, trim your plants and shrubs, and re-position your flowers so they are close to the party area. Set up your tables, bring out all the flatware, glasses, china, etc. the day before your outdoor party. You can get inexpensive cloths to cover your tables. Try going with white so you can rely on your flowers to bring all the color to your event. If your party is going to carry on into the night, create a border of candles (citronella or other) or string lighting.

2. Take advantage of the space. Try to be creative with the space in your back yard. If you have a deck or patio, this is easier because people naturally feel comfortable on outside spaces like decks and patios. Spread your patio furniture out so it encourages not only relaxing, but also mingling. Try keeping the bar and food close together, too. It keeps people moving around the area and the energy positive.

3. What’s for dinner? Depending on the “vibe” you are going for, there are many food options that will be great for your party. People look forward to eating, but it’s the socializing and relaxing that is top priority, so don’t agonize too much over the menu. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few sides are always fun. Whatever you decide, stick to easy preparation items and don’t forget about dessert!

4. Consider renting additional furniture if you must. If your patio furniture cannot accommodate your guest list, don’t let that hold you back. You can rent some extra furniture from a party supply store for a reasonable price. Or if you’re comfortable with it, simply ask a friend or guest to loan you some furniture for the party. Just make sure you get it at least a day in advance so everything is set when friends arrive. Again, it’s the company and spirit that are most important so just do what it takes to make it happen. And don’t forget about the music! Some nice background music encourages conversation and keeps your guests enjoying themselves for many hours.

5. Participate in your own party! Once the guests arrive, it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself with your company. It’s very easy to get caught up in ongoing cleaning, picking up, and making sure everyone is happy. Try to resist these temptations. People will help themselves to whatever they need and you don’t have to be responsible for them having a good time. Rest assured, they will! When the party’s over, see your guests out and tell them you’re looking forward to hosting the next party. Trust me, they will want to come back!

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