It’s Almost Time to Plant Some Trees!

by Dave Logan


Late winter is the best time of year to begin planning your spring tree planting efforts. Spring technically happens at the end of this month (though it doesn’t always feel like it in Colorado!), so planning now means you will be ready later this month.

Essentially, spring planting allows your trees to establish their growth earlier, grow more thoroughly throughout the grow season, and withstand the summer heat much better once it arrives.

If you’re picking up trees this spring that are grown in a container, make sure you remove all the container components at the actual planting site. This will help ensure minimal handling and potential damage to the containerized roots before you place the tree in the ground. Healthy trees require an abundance of water during the spring and summer in order to establish themselves for the longer term. We recommend placing a hose at the base of the tree and running a light, steady stream of water for several hours. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper and more effectively.

If you are transplanting trees to new locations, be extra cautious as to how you handle them and try your best to protect the roots from excessive drying. The new planting hole should be at least a couple of feet wider than the tree’s root system. After you have the tree in the new planting hole, both water and tamp the surrounding soil down as much as possible to eliminate air pockets and secure the tree’s position.

Once you have your tree in place, don’t forget that you will need to constantly care for the tree during the first critical grow season. Keeping insects and other potential hazards off the tree can typically be handled just fine with a regular rinsing with your garden hose.

Finally, don’t apply fertilizer to your tree at all for at least the first year. It’s important to let the tree get established first, then you can apply the appropriate fertilizers. Instead, place mulch in a five foot diameter around the tree in order to encourage establishment and proper growth of your tree.

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