Is ProFectâ Perfect For Your Deck?

by Dave Logan


Spring isn’t exactly just around the corner. But I wanted to take a look at a decking product called ProFect. Now I say “decking product,” but this isn’t what you’re thinking. ProFectâ„¢ isn’t an actual wood product, or even maintenance-free composite or plastic decking you might be familiar with.

The ProFectâ„¢ product rolls out over your faded, rotting deck wood to give you an alledgedly real wood look. Not only that, but it’s supposed to extend the life and new look of the deck without ever having to sand or stain again. I haven’t seen the product in action, but I can tell you that the idea of never sanding or staining another deck again sounds pretty good to me!

ProFectâ„¢ comes in 40 ft. rolls and retails for about $70 per roll. It’s 3 mm thick and 5.5 inches wide. There is a variety of colors that work well for most decks I’ve seen: cedar, redwood, sea coast gray and natural tobacco barn. Be sure to check out ProFect’sâ„¢ online chart guide to help you figure out how many rolls you will need for your own deck. You can also catch some videos on their site that demonstrate the actual installation. The website has a list of retailers, including The Home Depot, that carry the product.

Finally, it’s smart to carefully read ProFect’sâ„¢ 10-year limited warranty information before you commit to the product (or any product for that matter). After you’ve done a little research, come back and tell us what you think of the product. We always welcome great feedback from consumers and contractors alike.