How To Bring Your Outdoor Plants Inside This Winter

by Dave Logan


Old Man Winter is a bully. He pushes the beautiful Fall season out of Colorado pretty quickly it seems. And since the Fall season here is short, it’s time to start making your plan to bring those beautiful summer plants and flowers inside. You may determine that some of your plants aren’t worth the trouble of moving indoors. And that’s ok. But for the ones that are, there are some considerations you need to be aware of for getting them inside.

First thing’s first: cover the plants with plastic, cut a small hole in the plastic, and spray incecticide through the hole to kill any insects you don’t want inside your house. Wait a week and spray again to ensure you got all the bugs. Once you have established permanent indoor residency for your plants, make sure you place them in the brightest spot in your home. Remember, inside you can never match the same light intensity as you can outside, so you need a super bright indoor spot to ensure your plants’ transition happens as delicately as possible. Apply a light water mist to your plants every day for the first four weeks. Homes dry out during the winter months (with the heat regularly on). Even in Colorado, your plants were used to more humidity while outdoors. Whether you re-pot your plants now or in late winter, use a pot that is about the same size or only slightly larger than the pot you were using outside. And don’t forget to shake the roots loose to encourage full, outward growth in the new soil.  

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