Heated Toilet Seats: A “Hot” Topic

by Dave Logan


We all have our favorite ways to stay warm in the winter: a jacuzzi, a sauna, frequent hot showers, radiant floor heating, maybe even a Snuggieâ„¢. But let’s not take for granted a familiar item that can certainly provide warmth and comfort: the toilet seat. Did you know that for a reasonable cost and easy installation you can add heat to one of your favorite seats in the house?

Heated toilet seats have been around for lots of years, but they are gaining in popularity nowadays for the modern (and even not-so-modern) bathroom. For one, sitting on a heated toilet seat is…well…warm. The main reason we sit down in the first place is for comfort, so sitting on something warm just makes sense. Especially in the Colorado winter! Starting your day with a little time on a heated toilet seat will provide you with just the muscle relaxation you need to spring into action for the day.

In terms of the application, you have a couple of choices: electric heat or water heat. The water-heated option is more economical, but using electricity to heat your toilet seat will likely go completely unnoticed on your electic bill. There are also timers available for the seat, or our favorite: sync the toilet seat wiring to the bathroom lighting. Now you know the heat is on only when someone is using the bathroom. And it gives you something to show off!

Installation of the heated toilet seat is generally easy enough that you won’t need an electrician or plumber. However, if your needs are a bit more complex, then you should consult a pro. Whatever you decide to do, the idea of sitting on that cold toilet seat first thing in the morning just got a lot nicer, huh?