Got A Clogged Drain? Here’s How To Fix It.

by Dave Logan


Your home’s drainage system is the unsung hero of your plumbing system. It takes all the wastewater from your sinks, showers, and bathtubs and efficiently directs it right where it belongs: the sewer. Pretty important, right? It’s critical to make sure your drainage system is clean and functioning properly.

The basic components of your home’s drain system are the assembly at the sink, shower, or bathtub and the pipes that move the wastewater out of your home. Most drains have what’s called a trap: a simple a U-, S-, or J-shaped pipe located below or within the plumbing fixture itself. It’s designed to “trap” debris and and prevent unappealing odors from eminating back up the pipe and into your home. This is also backed up by your drain sytem’s ventilation feature that pushes waste gases and odors through your home’s roof.

  • Use a plunger to clear a clogged sink or tub:
  • Clamp your dishwasher’s drain hose (if applicable).
  • Clean any surface debris from your sink basket or tub opening.
  • Fill your sink or bathtub with a few inches of water and place a stopper to seal your second sink (if applicable). Sealing the other sink creates a vacuum so your plunger is most effective.
  • Pump the plunger over the drain opening multiple times to clear up the debris. Do this as often as needed. ? Flush the opening with hot water to get rid of what’s left.


If your clog remains, get serious with an auger:

  • Release the setscrew on the auger and run the cable down your drain.
  • When the cable and auger tip hit the clog itself, begin turning the auger in a clockwise motion to break through the clog.
  • Keep running the auger through the drain until you feel no resistance. This means you are through the clog and it’s ok to back the auger out.
  • As before, flush the drain with hot water.

Remember, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumbing contractor for questions or help.

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