How to Get Rid of Yard Varmints

Yard maintenance can get very tricky especially if you have varmints such as mice and voles. These pesky varmints are known to compromise the beauty of your garden as they create broomstick-like holes on the soil, which can leave your garden looking hideous. A common telltale sign that you have voles in your garden is if you see holes all over the lawn. Another way to check for these varmints is through the “Apple in a Bucket” test, where you place an apple underneath a bucket nearby the holes. If you find that the apple has been chewed after some time, this is another telltale sign that you have these pesky varmints in your garden. If you are wondering why you need to get rid of these varmints, here is why.


How Voles Compromise Your Garden

Have you ever had a beautiful garden surrounded by healthy grass at one point then after some time, that same healthy garden ended up looking like a barren dessert? If you have, you need to know that Voles are animals that love to eat the roots of any type of grass or weed located in a garden or lawn. These pests are very difficult to get rid of as people have tried traps, guard dogs, and other tactics that simply did not prove successful. As long as you have voles or moles in your garden, you will never have the flawless garden that you want. Here are a few effective ways to get rid of voles.


Water Hose Technique

An effective way you can catch voles or moles in the garden is to drown them out of their holes. Since these varmints leave visible holes in the ground, you should get any ordinary garden hose and plug it down each hole in your garden. This should drown them inside their hole and force them out rapidly. Make sure that you have some kind of net or trap that you can use to catch them as they escape out of their hole.


Car Fumes Technique

This technique may seem cruel to many as the goal is to asphyxiate the varmints in their holes. To successfully perform the car fumes technique, you use your garden hose and connect it into the tail pipe of your car. Use aluminum foil to cover the tail pipe so that the fumes completely go inside the hose. Turn the engine on and rev your car up a little bit. This should get the fumes going. As your garden hose is connected to your car’s tail pipe, plug it down inside the holes in your garden. It is also crucial that you flatten all other holes surrounding your hose. This should work to block all air passageways that the voles recently made. After a few minutes, you should see the creatures coming out of their holes grasping for air. Once again, it is essential that you have a net or some kind of trap to catch them and get rid of them once and for all. Logo