Get Ready To Rake Some Leaves!

by Dave Logan


It happens every fall: the dreaded task of raking massive amounts of leaves into piles and into what seems like an endless amount of trashbags. Raking leaves in the fall may not be a picnic, but once you understand what leaves go in the trash and what leaves can stay where they fall, your work won’t seem so daunting.  

Leaves To Throw Away The leaves that cover your walkways and driveway(s) are the obvious choices, given they become perilous obstacles when wet. Gather them up and throw them away so you don’t slip and fall. Get rid of all of the leaves that cover your lawn, too. Leaves make an ideal fortress for unwanted insects and fungi. You work way too hard on that lawn to have it plagued by enemies. Be sure to throw out any plants or flowers that have been infested with insects and/or disease.

Leaves To Leave Leaves that fall directly underneath trees and shrubs will naturally turn to compost over the winter. It’s been proven time and again that trees and shrubs benefit greatly from allowing leaves to stay over the fall and winter. This will also save you money in the spring by not having to buy as much mulch! Just buy enough to cover the leaves and you’re good to go. The bottom line is that if you really want to protect that beautiful lawn of yours, then you have to accept the not-so-fun labor of raking leaves. One trick to remember before raking: mow your lawn “ right over all the leaves “ and you will instantly reduce the volume of leaves you have to rake by half! Less work equals more smiles.

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