Five Projects to Knock Out Before Winter

by Dave Logan


Let’s face it: winter isn’t the ideal time to take on home improvement projects. Sure, there are some indoor projects you can do, but it’s best to get the bulk of your projects done before the cold, winter months arrive. Here are five projects to get knocked out this fall:

1. Replace your windows. Old or poor quality windows could easily be the leading cause of your heating bill skyrocketing upwards this winter. Consider replacing your windows now to keep your energy costs down. You’ll realize that return on investment sooner than you think!

2. Repair or replace your roof. Get a professional roofer out to your house before the end of October. Being proactive about roof repairs will save you a lot of money (and headache) before winter gets here. A professional can teach you how to locate leaks on your own from the inside as well as provide several seasonal tips for you to be aware of down the road. And if you need an entire roof replacement, well now’s the time to get that done, too!

3. Replace your gutters. If your gutters are leaking or damaged, it can cause a lot of unwanted structural damage. Excess moisture on the interior is also a hotbed for mold and mildew. Trust me, these repairs are potentially far more costly than replacing your gutters, so get them looked at by a professional roofing contractor this fall.

4. Insulate your attic. This one’s a no-brainer. Proper insulation keeps your energy costs down and the heat inside your home.

5. Remodel your kitchen and bath. With school back in full swing, now is a quiet time to take on a kitchen or bath remodel. You will thank yourself for taking on a project like this once the holidays get here!

There are many home improvement projects you should consider before old man winter arrives. Put your trust in your own home improvement professional and get these projects knocked out this fall.

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