Five Considerations When Building A Deck This Spring

by Dave Logan


Spring is the perfect time of year to begin planning and working on some exciting outdoor projects. Today, we’re going to recommend some considerations before you build a deck for your home. A deck is the perfect home addition for entertaining guests and relaxing with your family.

1. What is the best size? Before you begin building your new deck, make sure your design meets the zoning requirements in your area. Try planning the size of your deck so that it flows nicely with your existing landscaping or fits with your plans for new landscaping.

2. What materials should I use? Most decks out there are made from wood. Cedar, redwood, oak, and pine are probably the most common materials. Consider pressure-treated wood for resilience against rotting and erosion. If budget doesn’t permit, then be sure to adequately seal any untreated lumber so it lasts for many years to come. Today, many companies are transforming recycled plastics into decks. The advantage of plastics is that they will not warp, erode, or rot. The recycled plastic material is also non-toxic, and you can find this product with guarantees for 20 years or more. Another advantage is that you don’t ever have to stain or paint a deck made from recycled plastics!

3. What style do I want? Chances are good that you will be able to go with just about any style of deck you would like for your home. However, check with your city’s building department to see if there are any potential violations with your desired design. For example, historical districts often have architectural restrictions. You don’t want to learn the hard way that your dream deck isn’t up to code!

4. What about safety and stability? As a general safety rule, your deck needs to be able to support the same weight as the floors in your home. In Colorado, however, you need to plan for the weight of snow and potentially excessive moisture. In some areas of Colorado, you may want to consider safeguards for wind as well. If your deck is 2-3 feet above the ground, you will want (and will be required to have) a railing system to keep children from falling off and potentially injuring themselves.

5. What permits do I need? Just about every large project is going to require a building permit. Check with your local city government for all the details. Charges for permits vary, but are typically based on the overall cost of your project. Don’t hesitate to ask your professional home improvement contractor as well. They will be able to point you in the right direction, and even help you take on the project. And if you don’t have your own professional contractor, check out our team of pre-screened pros here at Team Dave Logan!

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