Five Beautiful Flower Choices For Fall in Colorado

by Dave Logan


Soon it will be time to head up to the Rockies to witness the stunning Aspens changing color. Yes, it’s just about fall, and few places are as beautiful as Colorado in the fall (or any season for that matter!). So what are your plans for your own fall landscaping? Now is the time to start incorporating fall colors into your garden, and what better way to accomplish this than by planting fall flowers!

Here are five of our favorites for Colorado:

1. Larkspurs come in a variety of shades of blues, purples, lilac, white, rose and pink. They typically grow up three feet high but can definitely grow taller than that. You can start them off in the fall, just make sure you get them going before the first frost arrives.

2. Snapdragons have brightly colored flowers (in nearly every shade but blue) that are especially profound in cooler weather, making a perfect addition to your fall garden. The name “snapdragon” is derived from the opening-mouth appearance of the flowers themselves.

3. Calendulas (pot marigolds) have the appearance of the perfect fall flower: rich golden and rust colors. Calendulas are very resilient and can even resist a light frost if they are well-established. The name “pot marigold” refers to its gold flowers that bloomed during the festivals celebrating the Virgin Mary (marigold); and of course its use in cooking (pots).

4. Petunias come in an abundance of choices and bloom best in cool, fall weather. They have wide trumpet-shaped flowers and do well in almost every condition (except extremely hot weather). Available in almost every color but black and blue, we recommend making petunias a staple in your fall garden.

5. Nasturtium flowers revitalize themselves in cool air and bloom well into fall. These flowers exhibit rich “jewel-toned” colors and make an exhilarating addition to any fall garden. They grow easily, work anywhere, and flourish with little maintenance. Bonus: the nasturtium leaves and flowers are edible! Steeped with a peppery zest, you will find the seed pods are sometimes used as a substitute for capers.

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