Denver’s Creepy Crawlies

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While a great place year-round, living in Denver during the summer can’t be beat. We have great outdoors, friendly people, (mostly) beautiful weather. But that means our various creepy crawlies also wouldn’t mind calling it home - specifically your home - as well!


With summer quickly approaching, the chances of pests invading and taking residence in your Denver home and yard increases, but what kind of creatures might you find yourself dealing with inside your home and out? Here’s some of the most common types of Denver pests you might find yourself in contention with…


The Creepy

Spiders: While there thousands of types of spiders throughout the region, the most common you’re likely to run across in your home and garden are House spiders, Rock spiders, Wolf spiders, and the incredibly poisonous Black Widow spider. You’ll probably notice an increase of spiders in and around your home during the summer mainly because of an increase in insects. And while spiders can be a useful ally in the battle against insects, their webs can be off-putting and the potential lethality of a Black Widow’s bite can make them an unwanted guest.


Bed Bugs: Not just a New York problem, these parasites can just as easily take residence in your property as they can in the big city. Often finding their way into your house as hitchhikers during trips, bed bugs don’t just make their home in your bed, any piece of furniture or clothing is fair game!


The Crawly

Ants: These little fellows often come in the Pavement, Carpenter and Sugar variety marching across your floors searching for food. While in no way threatening, ants can be indicative of your home’s entrances being cracked and not properly sealed off.


Mosquitos: The warmer weather means more time outside and more time outside means you’re more likely to be the feast for these flying menaces. Your best best to stave them off outdoors is to invest in some insect repellent, but if you want to cut down your chances of them infesting your property, keep your lawn trimmed and your standing water to a minimum.


The Fuzzy

Wood Rats: The most common type of rat in Colorado, these rodents would love to move into your attic or crawlspace. Finding their way in via vents and chimneys, these pests have little difficulty tracking down where you keep your food, getting into it, and getting away scot-free.


Raccoons: While they may look pretty adorable, raccoons are anything but. A constant culprit of getting into trashcans, raccoons are also known to be aggressive with household pets. While it’s more common to have them move into your attic or crawlspace during the winter months, if you are in the habit of leaving your trashcans uncovered, you’re likely to have these furry bandits take notice of your home.


While these are only some of the pests you’re likely to interact with this summer, has the pest control contractors to ensure these creepy, crawly, and fuzzy creatures won’t be calling your house a home. So go ahead and see which contractors are near you and how your Denver property can become pest free!


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