Carpet Cleaning? Hire a Pro.

by Dave Logan


You know how it is: no matter how much you vacuum or even occassionally steam clean your carpets, they just don’t look like they used to. While this is part of the wear and tear process of your carpet, it may be time to consider hiring a pro to come in and do a thorough cleaning.

How do you find a good professional?

First of all, ask how the professional charges. Be cautious of companies that charge “by the room.” Room sizes vary, and the best way to be charged should be based on the total area cleaned. Also, just because a company uses brand-name cleaning products doesn’t mean they are any more credible than companies that do not advertise as such.

We recommend going with a professional that has a proven certification. And it never hurts to ask your professional how long they have been in business and whether or not they use CRI Seal of Approval cleaning products and equipment.

Have your professional come out and give you an in-home estimate. You can’t get an accurate quote over the phone. The professional needs to come out to your home to assess your specific situation and offer the best solution for your budget. Don’t always go for the lowest bid either. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is so often true. You need to listen carefully, do the research, and make sure you are getting the right service and products for your home. Finally, get a written agreement that outlines everything you are getting and any guarantees that come with it.