Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Summer Gets Here!

by Dave Logan


It sure doesn’t feel like summer out there just yet, but it won’t be long before we’re sipping iced tea and trying to keep cool in the hot summer months. There’s no faster way to keep cool than to relax in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home. But is your AC ready? We recommend getting that central AC unit professionally tuned up before the heat arrives. This way you can prevent major breakdowns in your AC system and ensure you and your family will be nice and cool this summer.

The most important step is an easy one: clean or replace your air filter every month. Electrostatic filters are the best, and if you wash your existing filter make sure you let it dry completely before reinstalling it.

Remove leaves and trash from outdoor condenser units every month, too. Cleaning the condenser unit fan blades and coils will help ensure the unit itself runs smoothly and efficiently. Of course make sure you cut the power to the unit while you are cleaning it! Be sure to hose out the inside of the unit, using plastic bags to protect the motor and other electrical components. You will notice any debris in the base pan right away, so remove that as well.

If you notice you have a bent fan blade, do not try to straighten the blade. Replace the bent blade with a new blade to avoid any disruption in the blades balance you may cause by trying to manually straighten it yourself. The new blade should rotate freely without wobbling or of course striking any other components.

Try to keep bushes, plants, and flowers at least a couple feet from your outdoor unit. This will keep your unit running much more efficiently, not to mention keeping your future cleaning duties much easier! Lubricate the condenser fan motor once a year if applicable. It only takes a few drops of oil per port. Finally, try to keep your unit shaded if possible. Obviously, the air in a shaded area is cooler, which leads to better efficiency over the summer months.

Call an HVAC pro to get your unit tuned up and in good operating condition. Then, pay attention to the above recommendations, and you can be sure your AC will operate at maximum efficiency and performance for many summers to come.

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