A Great Alternative: Energy-Efficient Electric Fireplaces

by Dave Logan


An energy-efficient electric fireplace can help you achieve two important benefits in your home this winter:

1. Lower heating costs.

2. Aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

There are a variety of electric fireplace designs available at a variety of locations. Prices range from about $200 to several thousand, depending on your needs. The most popular models (and least expensive) are meant to be free-standing appliances for you to place in your desired area, but it is not uncommon to see electric fireplaces installed like a traditional fireplace. Having an energy-efficient electric fireplace in your home on days like today give your home a cozy ambience and make it even more appealing to stay in and stay warm!

With today’s technology, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between an electric and traditional, or “real” fireplace. This makese the option of electric even more attractive – and certainly more energy efficient. Another nice benefit of electric is that there is no flue requirement for the appllication, keeping all the heat right there in your home and making a do-it-yourself installation quite simple.

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