A Clean Duct System Means Good Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

by Dave Logan   Proper and timely cleaning of your home’s air ducts is critical for two key reasons: better energy costs and better air quality. Now that it's summertime and temperatures are heating up, you want to make sure you're getting the most out of that air conditioner! In terms of air quality, cleaning your air ducts means greatly reducing molds, dust, and allergens. Does your home still appear to have dust present even after cleaning? Have you ever cleaned your duct system or had it done for you? If not, then it’s probably high time to roll up your sleeves and clean the duct system. Here are some good ways to tell if your ducts need cleaning:

  • As a general rule, your ducts need to be cleaned every couple of years. If you see dust around the duct walls, then it’s time to clean them.
  • Keep an eye on your vents. If you see dust and/or any debris blowing out of your vents, then that’s a strong indication you need to clean them. ? If you’re getting weak airflow out of your vents, this is likely an indication that there is dust and debris present in the duct system. Check it out and confirm if they need cleaned.
  • Another indidcation is the overall health of you and your family! Are you more stuffed up than usual? Are you sneezing or noticing watery eyes more frequently? These are the most obvious signs that you may be inhaling dust and unwanted allergens.

Mark it down on your calendar to clean (or have cleaned) your duct every two years (or when necessary), in the summer or early fall. This will ensure you are breathing in clean, healthy air and getting the best airflow and energy efficiency in your home. For more helpful information on these and other home improvement projects, check in often with the TDL Blog. And don’t forget to visit Team Dave Logan to find a trusted home improvement professional in Denver and Boulder that will help you with your next project!